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How Arm aims to squeeze device makers for cash rather than pocket pennies for cores

Sat, 2023-03-25 08:54
I am altering the deal, pray I don’t alter it any further

Analysis The rumors and whispering of Arm substantially hiking its prices, right as an IPO looms, just won't go away.…

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RIP Gordon Moore: Intel co-founder dies, aged 94

Sat, 2023-03-25 02:42
'Impossible to imagine the world we live in today ... without his contributions'

Intel co-founder Gordon Moore has died, the microprocessor giant confirmed this evening. He was 94.…

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Utah outlaws social media addiction for kids, sets a digital curfew

Fri, 2023-03-24 22:41
Age verification, a private right to sue Big Tech ... when someone does think of the children?

To protect children, Utah Governor Spencer Cox on Thursday signed two bills aimed at "holding social media companies accountable."…

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Microsoft scrambles to fix Windows 11 'aCropalypse' privacy-battering bug

Fri, 2023-03-24 21:18
All your previously Snipping Tool cropped images aren't, basically

Microsoft is said to be preparing to fix the high-profile "aCropalypse" privacy bug in its Snipping Tool for Windows 11.…

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Barred from US tech, Huawei claims to have built its own 14nm chip design suite

Fri, 2023-03-24 19:55
Beijing's Made in China drive fueled by Washington's export crackdowns

Huawei has reportedly completed work on electronic design automation (EDA) tools for laying out and making chips down to 14nm process nodes.…

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CISA unleashes Untitled Goose Tool to honk at danger in Microsoft's cloud

Fri, 2023-03-24 19:16
Not a headline we expected to write today

American cybersecurity officials have released an early-warning system to protect Microsoft cloud users.…

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Oracle reportedly making job cuts at health IT arm Cerner

Fri, 2023-03-24 18:00
OCI is much more efficient than the acquired Cerner DCs, Ellison told investors

Oracle is set to make a number of job cuts at Cerner, the electronic health records company it acquired last year, as its shift workloads to its cloud infrastructure.…

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Matthew Brown Companies confirms it's in funding talks with Virgin Orbit

Fri, 2023-03-24 16:30
Back to work on Monday? Branson and co still fighting to get funding

SpaceX and OpenAI backing venture capitalist Matthew Brown, of Matthew Brown Companies, has confirmed that his group is in funding talks with space biz Virgin Orbit.…

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Forget general AI, apparently zebrafish larvae can count

Fri, 2023-03-24 15:04
Numerical abilities could be a hardwired, ancient feature of the developing vertebrate brain, study suggests

Researchers in Italy have discovered newborn zebrafish possess the ability to count, suggesting numeracy may be hard-wired into the vertebrate brain.…

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Github publishes RSA SSH host keys by mistake, issues update

Fri, 2023-03-24 13:34
Getting connection failures? Don't panic. Get new keys

Github has updated its SSH keys after accidentally publishing the private part to the world. Whoops.…

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Accenture puts 19,000 staffers' heads on the chopping block

Fri, 2023-03-24 11:59
2.5% of workforce to go as sales and margin growth forecasts dip

Accenture is erasing the jobs of 19,000 employees - with in-house IT workers confirmed on the front line - after it trimmed revenue projections for the rest of its current fiscal 2023.…

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ChatGPT, how did you get here? It was a long journey through open source AI

Fri, 2023-03-24 11:00
Without publicly accessible code, there would be no AI chatbot

Opinion When OpenAI released ChatGPT 3.5 in late November 2022, no one expected much from the new release. It was just a "research preview," explained Sandhini Agarwal, an AI Policy researcher at OpenAI. "We didn't want to oversell it as a big fundamental advance," added Liam Fedus, a scientist at the org.…

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Errors logged as 'nut loose on the keyboard' were – ahem – not a hardware problem

Fri, 2023-03-24 08:27
Five developers named Bob were not good at their jobs

On Call Welcome once again, dear reader, to On-Call, The Register's Friday feature in which we share readers' tales of being asked to address avoidable annoyances.…

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There's one sure winner in the AI explosion, say analysts: Dutch outfit ASML

Fri, 2023-03-24 07:28
It’s the only game in town for extreme ultraviolet lithography, and that makes it every chip shop’s new best friend

Dutch semiconductor equipment vendor ASML is likely to benefit heavily from the rapid adoption of generative AI and machine learning technologies.…

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French parliament says <em>oui</em> to AI surveillance for 2024 Paris Olympics

Fri, 2023-03-24 06:24
Liberté, égalité, reconnaissance faciale for all

Despite the opposition of 38 civil society groups, the French National Assembly has approved the use of algorithmic video surveillance during the 2024 Paris Olympics.…

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Microsoft breaks geolocation, locking users out of Azure and M365

Fri, 2023-03-24 05:57
Customers banished to an IP address in Uzbekistan that Redmond’s cloud did not recognize

Microsoft has found a new and interesting way to break its cloud services: by messing up geolocation services and sending its users to Uzbekistan, which made it impossible for them to log in.…

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Where in the world is Terraform Labs villain Do Kwon? Montenegro, actually

Fri, 2023-03-24 05:28
Probably in a jail cell, waiting to be extradited stateside

The US Justice Department charged fugitive crypto bro Do Kwon with fraud on Thursday, just hours after Montenegro's minister of interior announced he had been detained by local authorities.…

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Cisco, Huawei, Ericsson on the hook for Philippine telco's $880M overspend

Fri, 2023-03-24 03:58
Next time you blow a project budget, console yourself that you weren’t this bad

Cisco, Huawei, and Ericsson have all been asked to take a hit after a Filipino telco blew its budget by a whopping $880 million and blamed it on bad procurement processes.…

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Toshiba board supports – without recommending – $15 billion takeover bid

Fri, 2023-03-24 02:33
It's probably going to happen, but final approval depends on circumstances

The board of troubled Japanese tech conglomerate Toshiba has announced it supports but will not recommend a $15 billion takeover offer that will launch in the next ten days but won't close for around four months.…

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Uncle Sam reveals it sent cyber-soldiers to Albania to hunt for Iranian threats

Fri, 2023-03-24 01:05
'Hunt forward' teams of this sort aid with defense and learn how attackers like Tehran operate

US Cyber Command operators have confirmed they carried out an online defensive mission in Albania, in response to last year's cyber attacks against the local government.…

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