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Updated: 15 min 19 sec ago

South Korean telco goes down, blames DDoS attack, later admits its BGP broke

27 min 8 sec ago
Good thing the government didn't crank up the national alert system or anything ... Oh no, it did

South Korean telco KT, which has around 30 per cent of the nation’s mobile market, has admitted that a network outage was caused by its own blunder and not a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack.…

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Jeff Bezos wants to build a business park in space

1 hour 21 min ago
Pretty ambitious – none of this Blue-Origin-led consortium can put humans in orbit yet

Blue Origin is leading a consortium hoping to put the first commercial space station into orbit. The craft is set to combine research and tourism facilities, and provide an office address in space for businesses.…

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Amazon warehouse workers in New York to labor watchdog: We want our union vote

Mon, 2021-10-25 23:18
Unions face test on Staten Island after defeat in Bessemer, Alabama

On Monday, a group representing workers at Amazon's warehouses on Staten Island, New York, electronically delivered a petition with at least 2,000 signatures to America's National Labor Relations Board in an effort to demonstrate there's enough employee support to hold a vote on whether to unionize.…

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If you're using this hijacked NPM library anywhere in your software stack, read this

Mon, 2021-10-25 22:13
US govt issues alert over JS package downloaded 8m times a week – plus more news from world of infosec

In brief The US government's Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has warned developers that a version of the ua-parser-js JavaScript library, available via NPM, was infected with data-stealing and cryptocurrency-mining malware.…

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Non-profit's IT manager accused of embezzling $400k by buying gear, services from his own fake companies

Mon, 2021-10-25 20:10
Boss used org's credit card to buy stuff from Amazon, Square accounts he set up, say prosecutors

An IT manager in the US was arrested on Friday for allegedly embezzling about $370,000 from an unidentified non-profit organization.…

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The future: Windows streaming through notched Apple screens

Mon, 2021-10-25 18:45
Choice is the word for Jamf's Dean Hager

Interview As Apple's devices continue to find favour with enterprise users, the fortress that is Windows appears to be under attack in the corporate world.…

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Ransomware criminals have feelings too: BlackMatter abuse caused crims to shut down negotiation portal

Mon, 2021-10-25 17:16
Or so says infsec outfit Emsisoft

Hurling online abuse at ransomware gangs may have contributed to a hardline policy of dumping victims' data online, according to counter-ransomware company Emsisoft.…

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Windows XP@20: From the killer of ME to banging out patches for yet another vulnerability

Mon, 2021-10-25 16:24
When NT and 9x became one

Feature It was on this very day, 20 years ago, that Microsoft released Windows XP to General Availability.…

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UK watchdog launches full probe of Motorola Solutions' cop-comms deals on Emergency Services Network

Mon, 2021-10-25 15:31
Firm working on both old programme and its replacement - CMA checks potential 'incentive' to delay

Britain's competition watchdog is launching a full blown probe into whether Motorola Solutions is abusing its position as the sole provider of an emergency service network by holding up the replacement project.…

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Intel hopes to burn newly open-sourced AI debug tech into chips

Mon, 2021-10-25 14:45
Chipzilla dreams of planting ControlFlag in hardware

Intel Labs has big plans for a software tool called ControlFlag that uses artificial intelligence to scan through code and pick out errors.…

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SolarWinds attacker on the move: Russia's Nobelium crew has trebled attacks targeting MSPs, cloud resellers, says Microsoft

Mon, 2021-10-25 13:16
Phishing and password spraying on the up

Russia's Nobelium group – fingered as being a Russian state actor by both the United States and Britain – has massively ramped up phishing and password spraying attempts against managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud resellers, Microsoft's security arm has warned.…

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Tesla slams into reverse, pulls latest beta of Full Self-Driving software from participating car owners

Mon, 2021-10-25 12:31
FSD rolled back to 10.2 after 'issues' found

Tesla has yanked the latest beta, 10.3, of its Full Self-Driving (FSD) software from participating car owners after boss Elon Musk noted the company was "seeing some issues" with the code.…

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HIV Scotland fined £10,000 for BCC email blunder identifying names of virus-carriers' patient-advocates

Mon, 2021-10-25 11:48
Watchdog: Breach caused by 'serious deficiencies in technical and organisational measures'

The United Kingdom's data watchdog is calling on organisations to review their "bulk email practices" after a BCC blunder by HIV Scotland incurred a £10,000 fine for breaking data protection regulations.…

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Twitter's machine learning algorithms amplify tweets from right-wing politicians over those on the left

Mon, 2021-10-25 11:02
Enginners and researchers don't know why

Twitter's algorithms are more likely to boost right-wing content than left-wing posts from politicians and news publications, according to a recent study.…

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Poor data sharing is holding back the UK court system's pandemic recovery, says National Audit Office

Mon, 2021-10-25 10:14
Lack of data for planning also a problem, spending watchdog finds

The UK court system's failure to implement its own recommendations for improving data sharing is holding back its recovery from the pandemic, according to a report from the National Audit Office (NAO).…

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Online harms don’t need dangerous legislation, they need a spot of naval action

Mon, 2021-10-25 09:29
It worked on Jolly Roger, it can work on ProudWhiteGuy66373

Opinion Three things on the morning news reliably ruin breakfast for socially aware technogeeks.…

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IT outsourcing: SLAs, patches – and how uptime funk's going to get to you

Mon, 2021-10-25 08:45
Cheaper, better than running it yourself? Maybe

Feature Outsourcing generally has a bad reputation, scarred by countless failed projects in the public and private sectors and with cost cutting, rather than improved sevice delivery, seeming to drive business decisions.…

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Facebook sues scraper who sold 178 million phone numbers and user IDs

Mon, 2021-10-25 08:01
Apparently The Social NetworkTM is the only one allowed to do nasty things with users' data

Facebook has sued a Ukrainian national for allegedly harvesting and selling personal data describing 178 million of the Social NetworkTM's users – actions it says violates the service's terms of service.…

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Orders wrong, resellers receiving wrong items? Must be a programming error and certainly not a rushing techie

Mon, 2021-10-25 07:33
Some of those punch cards may still be lying at the bottom of a lift shaft

Who, Me? Punch cards are the order of the day in a reader confession that takes us back to an unfortunate incident with a trolley. Welcome to Who, Me?

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Asia's 'superapps' bundle ride-share, food delivery, even financial services – and they're beating big tech

Mon, 2021-10-25 07:03
China backed the concept of tools users perceive as an extension of the OS, not just an app

Catch a ride, pay your utility bills, order your dinner, top up your insurance, chat with friends – how many apps did you need to get that lot done? In much of the world North America and Europe your answer could involve a fistful of apps, but in Asia you could do it all in one, thanks to rise of the "superapp".…

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