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Updated: 1 hour 6 min ago

Apple iCloud storage 'outsourcing' breach of contract lawsuit: Damages class certified

Fri, 2021-06-04 17:30
Plaintiffs claim they would've gone for cheaper cloud storage

A US judge has approved a limited class action against Apple for breach of contract following allegations it used third-party servers including "cloud storage facilities belonging to Amazon, Microsoft, or Google" to host customers' data instead of its own premium iCloud service.…

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Good news for pentesters and network admins: US issues ransomware guidance asking biz to skill up security teams

Fri, 2021-06-04 16:45
New approach against malware pushers mirrors how American authorities handle terrorism cases

The White House has issued a communique to business leaders [PDF] urging them to take the threat of ransomware a bit more seriously.…

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Facebook faces competition enquiry on two fronts as EU and UK officials scrutinise its ad data

Fri, 2021-06-04 15:59
Did the anti-social network use advertiser info to compete with rivals?

Facebook is facing a twin investigation by UK and EU officials into allegations that it breached competition rules by using data gathered from advertisers on its social media network to compete with rivals.…

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BMA and Royal College of GPs refuse to endorse NHS Digital's data grab from surgeries in England

Fri, 2021-06-04 15:01
BMA separately calls for a delay to the programme

The British Medical Association and Royal College of GPs today told NHS Digital they do not endorse the UK government's imminent haul of English GP data – dubbed "the biggest data grab in the history" of the service.…

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Twitter’s new subscription service costs the same as a cup of coffee, but is much less stimulating

Fri, 2021-06-04 14:06
Twitter Blue only works properly on iOS and just one feature is useful

First Look Twitter has announced its first subscription service.…

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openSUSE leaps to 15.3 - now built with 'same binary packages' as SUSE Enterprise

Fri, 2021-06-04 13:21
Latest version ups stablity but also makes it easier to migrate to commercial wares

Version 15.3 of openSUSE Leap is out - this being the community version of SUSE Linux Enterprise and the first to be built with the same binary packages as its commercial cousin.…

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Android banking malware sharply increased in the first chunk of 2021, reckons ESET

Fri, 2021-06-04 12:34
Claims Russia's FSB was poking around an Eastern European ministry

While enterprises stagger under sustained ransomware attacks, Android users are increasingly being targeted by banking malware, with Slovakian infosec firm ESET reckoning it had seen a 159 per cent increase in such malicious software over the last few months.…

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SAP's RISE 'yet to prove its worth in practice...' Key German user group offers giant a progress 'reality check'

Fri, 2021-06-04 11:53
Analysts say S/4HANA upgrades remain sluggish, and users want to see things RISE shine before committing

Sapphire Now The 60,000 member-strong German-speaking SAP user group (DSAG) has issued a strongly worded statement in response to SAP’s lack of clarity on its RISE cloud upgrade at the annual Sapphire Now event.…

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Tech scammer who fooled Cisco, Microsoft and Lenovo out of millions jailed for over seven years

Fri, 2021-06-04 11:08
Networking giant alone taken for $3.5m

A scammer who convinced some of the world's biggest tech businesses to send him replacement kit has been sentenced to seven years and eight months in the US prison system.…

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How many remote controls do you really need? Answer: about a bowl-ful

Fri, 2021-06-04 10:25
I don’t care if the football’s on, we’ll have to watch whatever the TV wants us to

Something for the Weekend, Sir? My television wants me dead. It’s doing this by playing dead itself. Only one of us will get out of this alive.…

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The policy of truth: As ransomware claims rise, what's a cyber insurer to do?

Fri, 2021-06-04 09:41
Never again is what you swore... the time before

If you rely on your insurer to pay off crooks after a successful ransomware attack, you wouldn't be the only one.…

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Brit retailer Furniture Village confirms 'cyber-attack' as systems outage rolls into Day 7

Fri, 2021-06-04 08:15
Sofa, not-so-good: Angry customers still can't access systems, phones, and deliveries delayed

Furniture Village – the UK's largest independent furniture retailer with 54 stores nationwide – has been hit by a "cyber-attack", the company confirmed to The Register.…

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Today I shall explain how dual monitors work using the medium of interpretive dance

Fri, 2021-06-04 07:30
You want the truth? You can't handle the truth!

On Call What's worse than having to deal with an idiot over the phone? Having to drive thousands of miles to deal with the same idiot, face to face. Welcome to another Register reader's experience of helping those who won't help themselves in On Call.…

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<i>Snakes on a Plane</i> meets <i>The Simpsons</i> as airline creates ‘whacker’ to scare reptiles away from parked A380s

Fri, 2021-06-04 06:58
It’s actually just a stick, but maintenance staff love ‘em

Australian airline QANTAS has developed a piece of technology dubbed a “wheel whacker” to help stop snakes and scorpions boarding planes it has parked due to the COVID-19 pandemic.…

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Holding back from the cloud – or can’t get there quick enough? We want to hear why

Fri, 2021-06-04 06:30
Tell us whether you’re ecstatic or exasperated, or somewhere in between

Reader survey There is no doubt that more and more applications are being hosted in the cloud. Hyperscalers are seen as the example to follow when it comes to managing infrastructure, while cloud-native organisations dominate the agenda at industry conferences.…

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Seagate finds sets of two heads are cheaper than one in its new and very fast MACH.2 dual-actuator hard disks

Fri, 2021-06-04 05:58
Looks forward to nicely lowered costs as production ramps up, but they're still hyperscaler-only for now

For about three years, disk-making giant Seagate has been talking up tech called “MACH.2” – a conventional disk drive that offers considerable speed improvements. And now the disk giant has found that the tech also cuts its costs, raising the prospect that big, fast, hard disk drives might emerge at keen prices.…

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Beijing gives Ant Group the blessing to operate a consumer finance company

Fri, 2021-06-04 04:58
After some heated exchanges, tensions seem to have cooled (for now) between Chinese government and Jack Ma’s empire

Months after Beijing’s regulators stepped in and forced Alibaba's finance arm Ant Group to restructure its consumer loans business, China's Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has granted the outfit permission to operate a consumer finance company.…

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LG opens open-source licence compliance tool source

Fri, 2021-06-04 04:25
Shine chaebol's FOSSlight on your projects, careful what you find

Korean mega-corp LG has open-sourced the in-house toolbox it uses identify and manage open-source software licences within its own business.…

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How to use Google's new dependency mapping tool to find security flaws buried in your projects

Fri, 2021-06-04 02:59
Millions of Rust, JavaScript, Go, Maven repositories scanned and visualized

Google has built an online tool that maps out all the dependencies in millions of open-source software libraries and flags up any unpatched vulnerabilities.…

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FYI: Today's computer chips are so advanced, they are more 'mercurial' than precise – and here's the proof

Fri, 2021-06-04 00:07
Rarely seen miscalculations now crop up frequently at cloud hyperscale

Computer chips have advanced to the point that they're no longer reliable: they've become "mercurial," as Google puts it, and may not perform their calculations in a predictable manner.…

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