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America taps 150+ prosecutors to fight cryptocurrency crime

Sat, 2022-09-17 01:32
As President Biden rolls out a blueprint for future regulations

The US Department of Justice has tapped more than 150 federal prosecutors to form a team keenly focused on cracking down on cryptocurrency-related crimes, it announced on Friday.…

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Appeals court already under fire for upholding Texas no-content-moderation law

Fri, 2022-09-16 23:33
Big Tech forbidden from taking down 'viewpoint-based' posts no matter how awful but lawful

The US Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on Friday said social media platforms are obligated to carry lawful but awful speech, rejecting the entreaties of tech trade groups to block Texas's social media law.…

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School chat app Seesaw abused to send 'inappropriate image' to parents, teachers

Fri, 2022-09-16 21:45
This is why we don't reuse passwords, kids

Parents and teachers received a link to an "inappropriate image" this week via Seesaw after miscreants hijacked accounts in a credential stuffing attack against the popular school messaging app.…

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Stand back, the FTC is here to police gig work

Fri, 2022-09-16 20:23
If only the US government had, like, a Dept of Labor or something

The US Federal Trade Commission on Thursday fired its first warning shot at companies that exploit gig workers.…

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Heart now pledges 30-seat hybrid electric commercial flights by 2028

Fri, 2022-09-16 19:18
We've heard something like this before ... Boss suggests earlier design wasn't that useful to industry

Heart Aerospace, which previously planned to have hundreds of 19-seat all-electric planes in the air by 2026, has ditched its previous design in favor of a 30-seat hybrid model with similar capabilities.…

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White House puts $50m into floating wind turbine projects

Fri, 2022-09-16 18:04
Government wants access to the 60% of offshore wind potential stuck in deep waters

The Biden Administration plans to invest heavily in the expansion of offshore wind energy, with a particular focus on floating turbines that can be placed where ocean breezes have more energy-generating potential.…

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Don't say Pentium or Celeron anymore, it's just Processor now, says Intel

Fri, 2022-09-16 17:09
Totally not confusing

Logowatch Pour one out for Pentium and another for Celeron. After more than two decades, Intel has scrapped the brands in favor of a new moniker.…

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Linux luminaries discuss efforts to bring Rust to the kernel

Fri, 2022-09-16 16:30
After 31 years, a second programming language will be allowed in

Open Source Summit Both Linus Torvalds' Open Source Summit keynote and Jonathan Corbet's "Kernel Report" discussed efforts to allow Rust modules in Linux.…

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Researchers build ML models to forecast food shortages

Fri, 2022-09-16 15:41
Secondary data in weather, macro-economics to help governments and orgs figure out where to focus their aid

An international team of researchers have built a set of machine learning models they say can help predict global food shortages in the near future, helping governments and international agencies understand where they can best help.…

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Actual real-life hoverbike makes US debut at Detroit Auto Show

Fri, 2022-09-16 14:30
'I feel like I'm literally 15 years old and I just got out of Star Wars and jumped on their bike,' says test driver

In a galaxy not so far, far away – this one, actually – a Japanese startup demonstrated its $777,000 "hoverbike" at the Detroit Auto Show.…

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Google previews streaming connector for BigQuery

Fri, 2022-09-16 13:34
All your data on one platform, opines the Chocolate Factory

Google claims a new streaming service will help developers get data into its BigQuery data warehouse from adjacent transactional systems.…

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Was there life on Mars? Perseverance scrapes up promising samples

Fri, 2022-09-16 12:28
Fact organic matter was found in sedimentary rock, which preserves fossils here on Earth, 'important'

NASA says its Perseverance rover has pulled up some exciting samples "deposited under conditions where life could potentially have thrived" after trundling around an ancient area of wetland that formed when a Martian river emptied water and sediment into a lake.…

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UK govt refuses to give up on scoring Arm dual-listing for London

Fri, 2022-09-16 11:51
Can UK Prime Minister Liz Truss do for tech what she did for cheese and pork markets?

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Open standards body for digital wallets announced

Fri, 2022-09-16 10:32
No, not the dodgy cryptocurrency kind

Open Source Summit The Linux Foundation is backing a new trade body, the OpenWallet Foundation, to create an open standard for digital wallets.…

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Former Reg vulture takes on Nominet – by running for board seat

Fri, 2022-09-16 09:33
After extensive coverage of .uk missteps, Kieren McCarthy now vows to fix registry from the inside

Though it's been 18 months since the CEO and chairman was ejected from Nominet, the entity that runs the .uk top-level domain still requires dramatic reform, says one of the candidates standing for election to the board of directors.…

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The next deep magic Linux program to change the world? Io_uring

Fri, 2022-09-16 08:30
Even Torvalds pronounces it 'fairly sane'

Column A few years ago developers knew eBPF as a handy way to build firewalls yet now it's used everywhere for everything. Get ready for io_uring to do the same.…

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Keeping printers quiet broke disk drives, thanks to very fuzzy logic

Fri, 2022-09-16 07:25
In the 1970s, everything was carpeted. Even, rather problematically, the storage array's air filter

On Call Welcome once more to the Friday frolic that is On Call, The Register's forum for your tales of heroic rescues achieved against the odds.…

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US bans some foreign investments in chips, AI, quantum computing

Fri, 2022-09-16 06:58
Not aimed specifically at China … just nations that behave a lot like China

President Biden has issued an executive order that prohibits certain entities from investing in US organizations if it will give the investor access to certain information technologies and/or US data.…

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Queen's shooting star was actually meteor, not SpaceX junk

Fri, 2022-09-16 06:23
Expert tells El Reg: 'It was unusual, a geometrical curiosity'

Video The fireball spotted charging through the night-time skies of Scotland and Northern Ireland this week, initially thought to have been some fallen SpaceX hardware, was a meteor after all, according to the UK Meteor Network.…

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Eastern European org hit by second record-smashing DDoS attack

Fri, 2022-09-16 06:04
Cough, cough, U, cough, kraine

Akamai says it has absorbed the largest-ever publicly known distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack – an assault against an unfortunate Eastern European organization that went beyond 700 million packets per second.…

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