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Linux kernel's eBPF feature put to unexpected new uses

Wed, 2022-09-14 11:26
The internal traffic-filtering tool can be used for much more than firewalls

Linux Plumbers Conference The Linux Plumbers Conference in Dublin ends today and some of the talks have revealed interesting new uses for the eBPF functionality.…

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Google and Meta fined over $70m for privacy violations in Korea

Wed, 2022-09-14 10:25
Both search giant and Facebook parent claim they play by the rules, will challenge decision

South Korea's Personal Information Protection Commission (PIPC) has issued two large fines for privacy violations: a $50 million penalty for Google and $22 million for Meta.…

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China's single aisle passenger jet – the C919 – likely to be certified next week

Wed, 2022-09-14 09:40
Competes with the A320 and 737, which Airbus and Boeing can't build quickly enough to satisfy demand

Two recent flights of the China's domestically made single-aisle passenger jet, the C919, have lent credence to rumors that the nation's aviation authorities are set to issue it an airworthiness certification – and by doing so, give Boeing and Airbus some competition.…

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Google faces fines of up to $25.4b in UK and EU ad tech case

Wed, 2022-09-14 08:30
Legal cases in Europe claim anticompetitive conduct, which Google denies

Google owner Alphabet could face claims of up to €25 billion ($25.4 billion) in a case alleging anticompetitive conduct in relation to ad tech in Europe.…

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To preserve Earth's treasures, digital silence is golden

Wed, 2022-09-14 07:30
There are beautiful, undisturbed places in the world. You do not have to catch 'em all

Social media has made it easy to create large communities and to communicate with them instantly. The downside is that when those communities cross over into the real world, crowds of people can cause real harm regardless of their intent.…

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Red Hat lets staff stay away from the office forever

Wed, 2022-09-14 07:04
It works for the FOSS community, but Red Hat's version adds an 'office vibe' and desk-free ‘neighborhoods’

IBM's FOSS unit, Red Hat, has revealed its staff don't need to come back to the office – ever. But if they do, they'll find collaborative "neighborhoods" await them.…

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Rare hexagonal diamond formed by crash of dwarf planet and asteroid, scientists believe

Wed, 2022-09-14 06:32
'Lonsdaleite' is even harder than normal diamonds and its genesis shows how we might make more

A rare type of diamond that's even stronger than the usual form of the crystal was created when a large asteroid smashed into an ancient dwarf planet 4.5 billion years ago, researchers assert.…

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Ex-Googler Eric Schmidt's think tank warns China could win global tech race

Wed, 2022-09-14 05:32
USA told to sort itself out in 5G, AI, and microelectronics by 2025 – or things could get mighty grim

US think tank the Special Competitive Studies Project, a private spinout from the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, has warned that the period between 2025 and 2030 will be the time when global technological leadership will be decided – and the USA and like minded nations may not be able to maintain their lead over China.…

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VMware teases replacement for so-insecure-it-was-retired P2V migration tool

Wed, 2022-09-14 03:46
vCenter Converter will make a comeback

VMware has quietly announced a beta of vCenter Converter – a tool it withdrew earlier this year over security concerns.…

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NIST and uni friends to design open source research chips, Google to bankroll the fabs

Wed, 2022-09-14 02:39
At 130nm, we'll take it

NIST has decided, with participating colleges, to design open source chips to help lower the barrier for those hoping to get into the world of semiconductors.…

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Ransomware gang threatens 1m-plus medical record leak

Wed, 2022-09-14 00:57
Criminals continue to target some of the most vulnerable

Two recent ransomware attacks against healthcare systems indicate cybercriminals continue to put medical clinics and hospitals firmly in their crosshairs.…

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Twitter whistleblower Zatko disses bird site as dysfunctional data dump

Wed, 2022-09-14 00:11
Mudge tells senators his former bosses are 'terrified' of the French, US regulators are toothless

Twitter's former head of security Peiter "Mudge" Zatko on Tuesday told the US Senate Judiciary Committee that the social media company's lax data handling and inability to present problems to its board of directors threaten the privacy, security, and democracy for Americans.…

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Microsoft fixes Windows security hole likely widely exploited by miscreants

Tue, 2022-09-13 22:50
Plus: Nasty no-auth RCE in TCP/IP stack, and many more updates

Patch Tuesday September's Patch Tuesday is here and it brings, among other things, fixes from Microsoft for one security bug that miscreants have used to fully take over Windows systems along with details of a second vulnerability that, while not yet under attack, has already been publicly disclosed.…

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US throws millions at AI to diagnose diseases by the sound of your voice

Tue, 2022-09-13 21:41
Speech can be impacted by cancer, Parkinson's, depression, and more

The US National Institutes of Health (NIH) has earmarked as much as $14 million in funding to support the training of AI software that can analyze patients' voices to diagnose and study illness.…

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Twitter datacenter melted down in Labor Day heat

Tue, 2022-09-13 19:24
Bitbarn suffered 'total shutdown' after 113F heatwave

Earlier this month extreme heat downed a Twitter datacenter in California over the Labor Day weekend, leaving the website and app working on bare-bones infrastructure.…

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Patch your Mitel VoIP systems, Lorenz ransomware gang is back on the prowl

Tue, 2022-09-13 18:38
Criminals do love that unpatched VoIP and IoT kit

The Lorenz ransomware gang is exploiting a vulnerability in Mitel VoIP appliances to break corporate networks.…

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Taiwan’s GlobalWafers races to break ground in Texas before tax breaks dissolve

Tue, 2022-09-13 17:17
Everythings bigger in Texas, including the tax breaks

Taiwanese chip biz GlobalWafers is rounding up a posse of press in time for the Thanksgiving groundbreaking ceremony at the site of its forthcoming $5 billion Texas wafer fab.…

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Automating Excel tasks to come to Windows and Mac

Tue, 2022-09-13 16:01
Not just for the web anymore: Microsoft Office Scripts coming for the macro-managers among us

Users running Excel on either Windows or Mac PCs will soon be able to automate many of the now-manual tasks in their spreadsheet software, something that currently is only available to those using the web application.…

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HP pays $1.3m to settle dispute over printer security chip

Tue, 2022-09-13 15:01
Euroconsumers hails success, payments capped and only folks in 4 countries eligible so far

HP has settled a dispute brought of behalf of European consumers upset that a covert firmware update introducing the Dynamic Security Feature prevented them from using supplies made by third parties with a range of HP printers.…

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FCC Commissioner demands review of Starlink rural broadband subsidies

Tue, 2022-09-13 14:03
Withdrawal of SpaceX's $885.5m award a 'drastic action' – but Musk wouldn't want subsidy anyway, right?

A member of the Federal Communications Commission's leadership team has come out swinging on behalf of SpaceX after the company's bid for rural broadband subsidies via its Starlink satellite business was rejected.…

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