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Hybrid working? Buckle in, there's no turning back as survey takers insist: You can't make us go back

Thu, 2021-06-03 10:47
No, literally, let's make illegal

One in five Brits wants to make it illegal to force employees to work from the office, according to an extensive survey, providing further evidence that a shift in working patterns may be permanent.…

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Lack of clarity on RISE: Transformation, implementation and data management all roles for partners. 'So, what's SAP doing?'

Thu, 2021-06-03 10:02
As Sapphire Now kicks off, users, SIs and analysts see unanswered questions

Five months after SAP launched its RISE plan, a half-loaf cloud lift-'n-shift + business transformation service, the German software company is still struggling with unanswered questions.…

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Massive tech-for-British-schoolkids cash pot up for grabs as UK education buyers prep £140m agreement

Thu, 2021-06-03 09:16
It is Thursday and it's framework-tastic

Pheonix Software, Deloitte and Computeam are among the 17 winners sticking their snouts into a £100m pork barrel framework for outsourcing in the UK’s education sector.…

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European Parliament's data adequacy objection: Doubts cast on UK's commitment to data protection

Thu, 2021-06-03 08:30
Plus: Judgement in immigration exemption case makes things worse

Comment Almost two weeks ago, the European Parliament took the step of objecting to the Commission decisions to grant the UK data adequacy.…

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Huawei names first tablets, phones to run its Android-in-disguise HarmonyOS 2

Thu, 2021-06-03 07:23
Hello, my name is Mr Snrub, and I come from, uh ... someplace far away

Analysis Huawei on Wednesday introduced its first tablets and smartphones running its HarmonyOS 2 software – and said 100 or so other devices will be able to upgrade to the totally-not-but-really-is-Android OS.…

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Antivirus that mines Ethereum sounds a bit wrong, right? Norton has started selling it

Thu, 2021-06-03 06:51
Down continues to be the new up

NortonLifeLock, the company that offers the consumer products Broadcom didn’t want when it bought Symantec, has started to offer Ethereum mining as a feature of its Norton 360 security suite.…

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US slaps tariffs on countries that hit Big Tech with digital services taxes ... then pauses them immediately

Thu, 2021-06-03 05:58
Applies pressure as negotiations on harmonized global web levies near conclusion

Countries whose digital services taxes disproportionately affect the US tech industry have been slapped with 25 per cent tariffs on up to US$2bn of their goods by the Office of the US Trade Representative (USTR).…

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China reveals plan to pump out positive news about itself. Let's see what happens when that lands with social media fact-checkers

Thu, 2021-06-03 04:57
Xi Jinping says it’s time the world learned Marxism works, socialism is good, and China is really nice

Analysis Chinese state-controlled media have revealed that the nations’ rulers have decided it’s time for a charm offensive.…

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Tencent Cloud adds second data centre in Germany, Thailand, and Japan, plus a third in Hong Kong

Thu, 2021-06-03 03:58
Plans to grow capacity in all 27 regions by 30 percent in 2021

Chinese web giant Tencent has announced its cloud service has expanded its presence in Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Japan.…

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Japan to dangle as many Yen as it takes to lure chipmakers to its shores

Thu, 2021-06-03 02:58
National growth strategy also prioritises low power distributed data centres

Japanese prime minister Yoshihide Suga has outlined a national growth strategy that will include doing whatever it takes to lure semiconductor manufacturers to the nation’s shores.…

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Oracle accused of eating software maker's lunch with hostile hiring, trade secret theft

Thu, 2021-06-03 00:28
CentralSquare says Big Red raided it for key staff

CentralSquare Technologies, a Florida-based maker of software for public safety officials, sued Oracle on Tuesday claiming that the database giant has been poaching key employees in an effort to build its business selling software to law enforcement and justice organizations.…

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IBM Cloud messes up again: Customers sent same warning email 25 times in 40 minutes

Wed, 2021-06-02 23:23
Ironically, they’re all advance notice of maintenance that's promised to improve resilience

IBM Cloud is having another challenging day, this time sending customers word of upcoming maintenance work 20 or more times – and even to those who don’t use the services that will soon be patched.…

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Deadline draws near to avoid auto-joining Amazon's mesh network Sidewalk

Wed, 2021-06-02 23:05
'A stalker can abuse it to stalk people better. There are no mitigations mentioned'

Owners of Amazon Echo assistants and Ring doorbells have until June 8 to avoid automatically opting into Sidewalk, the internet giant's mesh network that taps into people's broadband and may prove to be a privacy nightmare.…

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The common factor in all your failed job applications: Your CV

Wed, 2021-06-02 21:01
Top tips from an insider in the tech recruitment game

Comment It has been a decade since we first demonstrated that IT pros' resumes were a bit crap, and so here's an update to help you get real about how you present yourself in 2021.…

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Stack Overflow acquired for $1.8bn by Prosus (no, me neither)

Wed, 2021-06-02 19:35
Q&A community ponders life as an enterprise education resource

Prosus NV, a Netherlands-based consumer internet conglomerate, on Wednesday said it plans to acquire online Q&A community Stack Overflow for $1.8bn.…

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Ahem, Huawei, your USB LTE stick has a vuln. I SAID AHEM, Huawei, are you listening?

Wed, 2021-06-02 18:35
Embarrassing flaw in E3372 device finally patched

Huawei has belatedly fixed a mild vulnerability in a USB connectivity dongle spotted by Trustwave after The Register intervened.…

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Code contributions to GCC no longer have to be assigned to FSF, says compiler body

Wed, 2021-06-02 17:45
It's not me, it's GNU

The GCC (GNU Compiler Collection) Steering Committee has lifted a long-standing requirement that all code contributions must be assigned to the FSF (Free Software Foundation).…

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Learn how to explore the solar system ... or just your own data lake

Wed, 2021-06-02 17:00
AWS Innovation Day promises to accelerate your business into the cloud and beyond

Promo Who wouldn’t want to learn about reusable spacecraft, 3D printing and manufacturing in orbit, and malaria fighting drones – and what they all mean for your business?…

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JBS Foods ransomware gang: White House 'engaging directly' with Russia about attack on massive meat producer

Wed, 2021-06-02 15:57
Aussie cops start probe and FBI and USDA lend a hand

Australian police are investigating a ransomware attack at the facilities of JBS Foods — one of the largest producers of meat in the world – as the White House fingers Russia-based cybercriminals.…

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You were supposed to be watching him. Letters from SEC claim Tesla breached deal to police Elon Musk's tweets

Wed, 2021-06-02 15:12
2020 missives from American securities regulator to car firm revealed

The SEC has repeatedly found itself frustrated by the bombastic tweets of Tesla CEO Elon Musk. And letters from the regulator have revealed that two of Musk’s postings were in breach of a previous settlement.…

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