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Highways England seeks vendor to replace Windows 2003-based pavement management systems

Thu, 2021-05-06 08:30
Whoever came up with the SWEEP acronym can have a job at El Reg

Highways England, the authority responsible for the nation's roads and related infrastructure, is asking tech vendors to bid for a project worth up to £15m to replace its ageing pavement information management systems.…

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Big dogs get new ride-share service from Singaporean giant Grab

Thu, 2021-05-06 07:55
What a time to be alive

Singapore’s dominant ride-sharing app Grab has added a service for large dogs, or humans who own large numbers of dogs.…

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Chrome on Windows turns on Intel, AMD chip-level defenses against malicious websites

Thu, 2021-05-06 07:23
Terms and conditions apply

Version 90 of Google's Chrome browser includes a bit of extra security for users of recent versions of Windows and the latest x86 processors, in the form of hardware-enforced stack protection.…

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The Starship has landed. Latest SpaceX test comes back to Earth without igniting fireballs

Thu, 2021-05-06 06:15
There was just a little fire. But not enough to worry anybody

Video SpaceX’s latest test of its Starship vehicle has stuck its landing for the first time.…

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JET engine flaws can crash Microsoft's IIS, SQL Server, say Palo Alto researchers

Thu, 2021-05-06 04:59
Claim SQL queries can gain status of native code execution thanks to unexpected remote DB access

Black Hat Asia A trio of researchers at Palo Alto Networks has detailed vulnerabilities in the JET database engine present on millions of Windows machines, and demonstrated how those flaws can be exploited to execute malicious code on systems running Microsoft’s SQL Server and Internet Information Services web server.…

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If you're in the 1% and have 10 mins to spare this July, bid for a place on first Blue Origin space tourism launch

Thu, 2021-05-06 03:48
For everyone else, get back to work and ordering those Amazon Prime deals

Blue Origin is planning to launch its first crew into space on July 20 – and a seat on this inaugural spaceflight is up for auction.…

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‘Unauthorized API’ in VMware cost management tool can be exploited to hijack appliances

Thu, 2021-05-06 02:52
Remote code execution possible on vRealize Business for Cloud – which knows a lot about your private and public platforms

VMware has admitted its vRealize Business for Cloud product includes an “unauthorised VAMI API” that can be exploited to achieve remote code execution on the virtual appliance. The security flaw is rated critical, scoring 9.8 on the ten-point Common Vulnerability Scoring System.…

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Robo-taxis hit the streets of Beijing – albeit a small fleet in a geo-fenced suburb

Thu, 2021-05-06 00:50
Code for the Baidu Apollo brains of the service is yours for the taking on GitHub, too

Chinese web giant Baidu has commenced operations of actual autonomous taxis on the streets of Beijing.…

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Can your AI code be fooled by vandalized images or clever wording? Microsoft open sources a tool to test for that

Wed, 2021-05-05 23:27
Counterfit automatically creates adversarial inputs to find weaknesses

Microsoft this week released a Python tool that probes AI models to see if they can be hoodwinked by malicious input data.…

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Signal banned for booking obviously targeted ads? That story's too good to be true, Facebook says

Wed, 2021-05-05 20:54
Antisocial giant surprisingly vocal in dismissing chat app rival's 'stunt'

Encrypted messaging service Signal on Tuesday made a show of trolling Instagram and its parent company Facebook by creating ads that incorporated audience targeting categories into its ad copy.…

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Basecamp CEO issues apology after 'no political discussions at work' edict blows up in his face

Wed, 2021-05-05 20:00
30% of employees reportedly walked out following sudden rule change

Jason Fried, CEO of project management tool Basecamp, has issued a public apology following a major bust-up over new policies that discouraged employees from discussing "societal politics" at work.…

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AWS to cut Python 2.7 off at the knees in July with 'minor version update' for Chalice

Wed, 2021-05-05 19:03
Seriously, it's time to move on

Amazon is the latest to drive a knife into the twitching corpse of Python 2 with an announcement that AWS Chalice will follow Lambda in nudging customers to later versions.…

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Aerospike adds set indexing and SQL expressions to make the distributed NoSQL database more ML-friendly

Wed, 2021-05-05 18:10
New Spark 3.0 connector will appeal to users too, analyst says

Distributed NoSQL database Aerospike is introducing set indexes and SQL operations within expressions in the pursuit of greater machine learning efficiency via its Apache Spark 3.0 connector.…

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21 nails in Exim mail server: Vulnerabilities enable 'full remote unauthenticated code execution', millions of boxes at risk

Wed, 2021-05-05 17:20
Nearly 4 million to be exact, say researchers

Researchers at security biz Qualys discovered 21 vulnerabilities in Exim, a popular mail server, which can be chained to obtain "a full remote unauthenticated code execution and gain root privileges on the Exim Server."…

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Microsoft's Edge browser for Linux hits the Beta Channel... if you're into that kind of thing

Wed, 2021-05-05 15:30
Add yet another Chromium browser to your collection

Microsoft's Edge browser has taken another step to stability on Linux with the addition of the operating system to its Beta Channel.…

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Facebook Oversight Board upholds decision to ban Trump, asks FB to look at own 'potential contribution' to 'narrative of electoral fraud'

Wed, 2021-05-05 14:59
Looks like you can safely ignore that friend request... forever

The Facebook Oversight Board has upheld former President Donald Trump’s ban from Facebook and Instagram - but not before advising the platform to look at its own role in the Capitol-storming mess.…

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East London council blurts thousands of residents' email addresses in To field blunder

Wed, 2021-05-05 14:01
'Was a Mailchimp sub too hard?!' asks Reg reader

A local authority in East London has committed a classic privacy blunder by emailing what appear to be thousands of residents – while forgetting to use the BCC field and exposing all of the email addresseses to each recipient.…

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As pandemic buying continues, Chromebook shipments soared 275% in Q1, says analyst

Wed, 2021-05-05 13:14
Crossing the chasm into mainstream computing

Shipments of Chromebooks reached 12 million globally in the first three months of 2021, according to analyst outfit Canalys, which pegged the year-on-year growth at a stratospheric 275 per cent.…

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Twilio's private GitHub repositories cloned by Codecov attacker, cloud comms platform confirms

Wed, 2021-05-05 12:27
Used the GitHub Codecov Action? Credentials may have been pilfered

Cloud comms platform Twilio has confirmed its private GitHub repositories were cloned after it became the latest casualty of the compromised credential-stealing Codecov script.…

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Microsoft reassures Teams freebie fans: We're not going to delete all your data, honest

Wed, 2021-05-05 11:42
The bug: IF Tier = Free THEN PRINT "Can we offer you an upgrade?"

Microsoft has had its very own Who, Me? moment after being forced to apologise for a bug that spammed administrators of Teams Free organisations to suggest they should upgrade to avoid imminent deletion of data.…

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