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Apple's making some announcements! Quick, lay off 435 Uber workers

Wed, 2019-09-11 14:34
Engineers nervously check their personal ride-sharing ratings

A number of Uber employees found their rating a little lower than they thought as the company laid off 435 staffers this week.…

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Why would anyone need Cloud Foundry when we have Kubernetes? Um, 'cos K8s is really hard!

Wed, 2019-09-11 13:45
At least that's what the org would have you believe

CF Summit "The Kubernetes community is reaching out and asking for our help on the developer experience," claimed Cloud Foundry exec director Abby Kearns at the outfit's Netherlands-based Euro Summit.…

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UK ISPs must block access to Nintendo Switch piracy sites, High Court rules

Wed, 2019-09-11 13:00
Ahoy me maties, now we must find another mast to climb

The UK's largest internet service providers must block access to websites that enable people to pirate Nintendo Switch games, the High Court has ruled.…

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WD you like to purchase an NVMe-oF startup? Kazan! Western Dig just did

Wed, 2019-09-11 12:27
Storage types pretty excited about getting at arrays over Ethernet via NVMe-oF

Western Digital has swallowed Kazan Networks to get a taste of its sweet NVMe over Fabrics Ethernet connectivity kit.…

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Fairphone 3 stripped to the modular essentials: Glue? What glue?

Wed, 2019-09-11 11:52
Take note, mobe makers

Amsterdam-based Fairphone describes its devices as sustainable. iFixit took its selection of tools to one and found that, hey, you can make phones that are at once not rubbish and also repairable.…

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A peeling solution to pothole has split the community... Yeah, they stuck a banana tree in it

Wed, 2019-09-11 11:16
It's ripe up your street

In the UK, there are a number of things you can do about potholes: a) report it to the council; b) call the local newspaper, which will photograph you squatting angrily by the hole while you squawk "it's an accident waiting to happen!"; or c) nothing.…

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Care for a Flutter? Google emits fresh version of all-things-app-platform, plus a tart-up for Dart

Wed, 2019-09-11 10:25
iOS 13, macOS Catalina and calling C code in Mountain View's bundle of joy

Flutter, Google's crack at a platform for mobile, desktop and web apps, has hit version 1.9 as the company targets Apple's upcoming iOS 13 and macOS Catalina. Its Dart language also got a tickle.…

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Deloitte man kept quiet at Autonomy's internal audit committees, says scrutiny chairman

Wed, 2019-09-11 09:45
Top beancounter 'never said anything', court hears

Autonomy Trial A top Deloitte auditor "never said anything" at meetings of Autonomy's internal audit committee, its chairman – a one-time CEO of the Prudential insurance group – has testified to London's High Court.…

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D-Link, Comba network gear leave passwords open for potentially whole world to see

Wed, 2019-09-11 09:02
Manufacturers seem not to care – some routers still awaiting patches

DSL modems and Wi-Fi routers from D-Link and Comba have been found to be leaving owners' passwords out in the open.…

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<i>The Reg</i> chats to HPE's HPC man about NASA's supercomputers, lunar ambitions and Columbia

Wed, 2019-09-11 08:15
From Spaceborne to Aitken and on to the Moon

Interview Not content with stashing an Apollo-based supercomputer aboard the ISS, HPE will also be slinging the petaFLOPS for NASA's Ames Research Center.…

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#MeToo chatbot, built by AI academics, could lend a non-judgmental ear to sex harassment and assault victims

Wed, 2019-09-11 07:34
Prototype tries to offer help, advice to people uncomfortable discussing abuse with others

Academics in the Netherlands have built a prototype machine-learning-powered Telegram chatbot that attempts to listen to victims of sexual harassment and assault, and offer them advice and help.…

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We've embiggened our line-up of MCubed conference speakers. Join us for a hands-on, no-hype dive into AI

Wed, 2019-09-11 06:05
Frictionless machine learning? Yes, it's possible – we can't wait to show you how

Event We’ll be opening the doors at MCubed, our three-day dive into machine learning and analytics in just a couple of weeks, and if you haven’t snapped up your place yet, our latest speaker additions may just tip the balance.…

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Oops: Rockets lighting their tails is a good thing – but not three-plus hours before lift-off

Wed, 2019-09-11 05:02
Japanese cargo spaceship launch scrubbed after premature deflagration

The launch of a cargo spacecraft packed with supplies for the International Space Station was cancelled after a fire erupted on or near the launch pad at Tanegashima Space Center in Japan on Tuesday.…

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Required: Massive email fraud bust. Tired: Cops who did the paperwork. Expired: 281 suspected con men's freedom

Tue, 2019-09-10 23:57
Alleged whaling crooks cuffed in global crime crackdown

US prosecutors say 281 suspected criminal hackers around the world have been arrested as part of a massive takedown operation against so-called business email compromise operations. That's the type of caper in which crooks hijack executives' email accounts, or impersonate the staffers, to trick colleagues into wiring funds to fraudsters' accounts.…

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CEOs beg for America-wide privacy law... to protect their businesses from state privacy laws

Tue, 2019-09-10 23:17
Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, privacy is sharing

On Tuesday, fifty-one CEOs of major data-using companies urged US lawmakers to pass a national data privacy law, insisting that they're committed to protecting consumer privacy.…

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Lights, camera, camera, camera, action: iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip biz in new iPhone, iPad, Watch, chip shocker

Tue, 2019-09-10 21:53
Flagship smartmobe aimed squarely at the selfie generation

As is traditional at this time of year Apple has been showing off the shiny iThings it wants you to buy over the coming year, so here's The Register's complete rundown of what's new from Cook & Co.…

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It's 2019, and Windows PCs can be pwned via a shortcut file, a webpage, an evil RDP server...

Tue, 2019-09-10 20:54
Microsoft joins Adobe and SAP in cleaning up security bugs, two of which are under active attack

Patch Tuesday Microsoft, Adobe, and SAP today delivered a load of security updates for this month's Patch Tuesday.…

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Rolling in DoH: Chrome 78 to experiment with DNS-over-HTTPS – hot on the heels of Firefox

Tue, 2019-09-10 20:06
Google promises it won't override your choice of DNS provider

Only days after Mozilla said it plans to make DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) available by default gradually for Firefox users in the US, Google announced its intention to test DoH in Chrome 78, due for beta release in the next two weeks.…

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Facebook: Remember how we promised we weren’t tracking your location? Psych! Can't believe you fell for that

Tue, 2019-09-10 19:33
Super-harvester of private info forced to confront new iOS, Android safeguards

Analysis Facebook has been caught bending the truth again – only this time it has been forced to out itself.…

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NHS Shared Business Services asks: Might we interest sir in a bespoke, artisanal G-Cloud?

Tue, 2019-09-10 18:00
Pre-approved services list aims to make choice easier for public sector orgs

NHS Shared Business Services - the UK health service's back-office IT provider - has launched a list of pre-approved cloud services suppliers for public sector orgs.…

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