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Twitter wants help with deepfakes, and Microsoft Azure will rent out new AI chips for its cloud users, and more

Mon, 2019-11-18 06:01
Plus a deepfake video that will freak you out

Roundup Here's this week's collection of AI-related news that we found interesting. Read on to find out more about a new chip coming to Microsoft Azure and how Twitter hopes to deal with deepfakes.…

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HP to Xerox: Nope, your $33.5bn bid falls short of our valuation

Mon, 2019-11-18 00:02
Board keeps door open... HPOX not a total impossibility, at least not if Carl Icahn has his way

HP’s board has spurned the advances of Xerox, saying the $33.5bn opening bid “significantly undervalues” the business.…

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A bridge over troubled water: Intel teases Ponte Vecchio, the GPU brains in US govt's 1-exaFLOPS Aurora supercomputer

Mon, 2019-11-18 00:00
If at first you don't succeed, Phi Phi again

SC19 Intel today confirmed the identity of the GPU-based math-accelerator chip it will offer to supercomputer builders.…

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Welcome to cultured meat - not pigs reading Proust but a viable alternative to slaughter

Sat, 2019-11-16 10:03
The meatball that shook the world has investors salivating

At the second annual Cultured Meat Symposium in San Francisco on Friday, donuts featured prominently on the breakfast menu and lunch involved only plant-based options. Attendees the day before had the opportunity to sample mechanically prepared beef burgers, courtesy of robo-restaurateur Creator, but lab-fabbed meat didn't make an appearance. Give it about five years – that was a guestimate from one attendee.…

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5G SIM-swap attacks could be even worse for industrial IoT than now

Sat, 2019-11-16 00:21
Trust your hardware? Pah, you oughta trust nobody

Claims that 5G offers “better security” for IoT may not ring true – with the technology remaining vulnerable to SIM-jacking attacks within private Industry 4.0-style deployments, according to infosec biz Trend Micro.…

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Physicists are rather giddy after creating a rare type of laser using laughing gas

Fri, 2019-11-15 22:38
Tanks of nitrous oxide needed for, erm, science eh?

A team of researchers have built a terahertz laser that might one day see through clothes, book covers, and even skin, using laughing gas, according to a paper in Science.…

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Oracle and Google will fight in court over Java, AGAIN and this time it's going to the Supremes

Fri, 2019-11-15 21:09
The case that just won't die

The US Supreme Court has agreed to once and for all decide the copyright case between Oracle and Google after nine years of legal wrangling.…

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Denial of service kingpin hit with 13 months denial of freedom and a massive bill to pay

Fri, 2019-11-15 19:40
Illinois man gets more than a year in the slammer for $550K DDoS scheme

A US court has sentenced the operator of a massive DDoS service to 13 months in prison.…

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Uncle Sam prepping order to extradite ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch from the UK

Fri, 2019-11-15 19:00
Meanwhile, his co-defendant has troubles getting into land of the free

The US State Department has until 1 December to get its paperwork in order and show how it wishes to proceed in attempting to extradite ex-Autonomy boss Mike Lynch to face charges.…

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1Password hopes to cross some items off its todo list with help from $200m in venture capital

Fri, 2019-11-15 18:00
Though not much detail on said list, except security and privacy

Some 14 years after it was founded and with no external funding taken in during that time, 1Password has finally succumbed to the charms - and $200m in cash - of venture cap biz Accel.…

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Tonight on Tales from the Crypto: It lives! GPU flinger Nvidia bouncing back after miner affair

Fri, 2019-11-15 17:00
Just goes to show, stick with what you know

The ill-conceived and costly error of doubling down on the crypto-market is almost a distant memory for Nvidia as the GPU maker reported results that indicate an upward turn in fortunes.…

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White Screen of Death: Admins up in arms after experimental Google emission borks Chrome

Fri, 2019-11-15 16:00
Change rolled back, but it's not a good look for Google

An experimental feature silently rolled out to the stable Chrome release on Tuesday caused chaos for IT admins this week after users complained of facing white, featureless tabs on Google's massively popular browser.…

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Google promises to be good with Knative as it releases Cloud Run serverless containers

Fri, 2019-11-15 15:15
Admits open-source API bigger than any one company, but it is not letting go

Google's Cloud Run service, which lets you run containers on Kubernetes (K8s) using a serverless model, has hit general availability, and El Reg has taken it for quick spin.…

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TalkTalk says it's yet to close deal on FibreNation as UK telecoms industry reels over Labour's nationalisation plans

Fri, 2019-11-15 14:30
'The news overnight ... making everybody in the sector pause and consider'

TalkTalk has yet to find a buyer for its infrastructure investment vehicle Fibre Nation, the business revealed in its results for the half year to 30 September.…

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<strong>[NSFW]</strong> What a load of bollards! Object of bloke's street furniture romp run over

Fri, 2019-11-15 13:45
Still a better love story than Twilight

NSFW In what is certainly a crowded field, step forward the Doncaster Free Press and take a bow for the best local news headline of 2019: "Doncaster traffic bollard used by man for sex 'killed' in road smash".…

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Use the courts, Jeff: Amazon to contest Microsoft scooping $10bn JEDI contract

Fri, 2019-11-15 13:00
Bezos' empire strikes back claiming 'unmistakable bias', self-recused defense chief denies it

Amazon is headed for court to contest the surprise decision to hand Microsoft the $10bn US Department of Defense IT supply contract.…

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Huawei's first Google-free phone stripped and searched: Repair not too painful... once you're in

Fri, 2019-11-15 12:23
Mate 30 Pro's modular innards praised, but glue still abundant

The good geeks of iFixit have ripped open Huawei's first Google-free handset, the Mate 30 Pro, to find a serious battery powering the big screen and sophisticated camera setup.…

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Can't you hear me knocking? But I installed a smart knocker

Fri, 2019-11-15 11:30
I'll huff and I'll puff...

Something for the Weekend, Sir? Help, I forgot my keys! [rummage] Oh yes, of course – ah don' need no stinkin' keys, my front door locks smartly.…

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High Court dismisses nameless Google Right To Be Forgotten sueball man... yes, again

Fri, 2019-11-15 10:30
Amazingly made it to 2 years without telling anyone his name

The High Court of Justice in London yesterday dismissed another attempt by an unnamed man, who refuses to identify himself to the UK courts, to take his Right To Be Forgotten legal action to the Court of Appeal.…

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Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election

Fri, 2019-11-15 09:35
The 1980s called and wants its state-owned telco-provider back

Labour will today pledge to give the good folk of Britain free broadband by 2030 by part-nationalising BT - if the political party gets elected.…

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