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Updated: 1 hour 58 min ago

Amazon finds something else AI can do better than humans: Spotting damaged goods

Fri, 2023-06-02 01:02
Any chance of an ML model to identify labor law violations? Union busting? No? What a surprise

Amazon is reportedly deploying artificial intelligence to inspect goods and look for signs of damage before they are packed and shipped to people.…

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Deployed publicly accessible MOVEit Transfer? Oh no. Mass exploitation underway

Thu, 2023-06-01 23:39
Time to MOVEit, MOVEit. We don't like to MOVEit, MOVEit

Security researchers and the US government have sounded the alarm on a flaw in Progress Software's MOVEit Transfer that criminals have been "mass exploiting" for at least a month to break into IT environments and steal data.…

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California rolls closer to requiring drivers in driverless trucks

Thu, 2023-06-01 23:11
Next: Alcohol in non-alcoholic booze, bacon in vegan salads. We kid, we kid

The California State Assembly on Wednesday approved a law bill that will prevent autonomous trucks from operating on the US state's roads without a driver on board.…

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Kremlin claims Apple helped NSA spy on diplomats via iPhone backdoor

Thu, 2023-06-01 21:49
Did we just time warp back to 2013?

Russian intelligence has accused American snoops and Apple of working together to backdoor iPhones to spy on "thousands" of diplomats worldwide.…

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Meta threatens to pull all news from California rather than pay El Reg a penny

Thu, 2023-06-01 20:13
And, ahem, other publishers

Here we go again: Meta has threatened to block journalism content for California users after the US state's legislature read a bill that would require it, and other large internet organizations, to pay publishers for using their work. …

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Watchdog calls for automatic braking to be standard in cars

Thu, 2023-06-01 19:28
When's the perfect time for a mandate? When everyone's already doing it

To help cut down on car crashes and road deaths, the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is proposing a rule that would mandate automated emergency braking (AEB) technology in all new vehicles. …

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Microsoft embraces Apple Mac loyalists – as long as they're using its software

Thu, 2023-06-01 18:03
iDevice admins now have a safe space where they can talk about M365

Microsoft is seeing the work environment – both in office and remote – become more heterogeneous, with a healthier mix of Windows and Apple Mac devices being embraced by enterprises and workers alike.…

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Boffins snap X-ray closeup of single atom – and by closeup we mean nanometres

Thu, 2023-06-01 17:01
Achievement took 12 years of blood, sweat and science

Scientists in the US have managed to capture the first X-ray image of a single atom, and it only took 12 years of work developing a technique and a super-powered X-ray instrument to do it.…

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Smartphone recovery that's always around the corner is around the corner

Thu, 2023-06-01 15:56
Pay a bill or buy new phone? That lovely question facing some of us in 2023

Things aren't going to get better for smartphone brands anytime soon as households and businesses weigh up monthly bills versus discretionary spending, and decide a shiny handset perhaps isn't the wisest use of funds.…

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India official fined after draining reservoir to recover phone

Thu, 2023-06-01 14:27
Dam it all to hell

Picture the scene. You're on holiday and intend to go for a swim in a nearby dam. You pull out your phone for a selfie to make sure everyone knows you're having a lovely time, but you fumble the handset and it falls into the water.…

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Linux Foundation and pals – including Intel – back software ecosystem around RISC-V

Thu, 2023-06-01 13:21
Aiming to get a RISE out of processor architecture as tech giants commit engineering talent

Linux Foundation Europe and a number of big names in tech have banded together to drive development of a comprehensive software ecosystem that supports the open standard RISC-V processor architecture.…

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CRM giant Salesforce's focus on margins sees sales growth slip

Thu, 2023-06-01 12:25
After activist investor pressure and job losses, professional services projects struggle

Salesforce has disappointed the markets as it failed to lift its revenue forecast and saw professional services projects stall.…

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Google veep calls out Microsoft's cloud software licensing 'tax'

Thu, 2023-06-01 10:35
Watchdogs are 'starting to understand the situation,' exec tells El Reg

Google is very publicly adding to the chorus of complaints about Microsoft's alleged restrictive cloud software licensing policies, claiming that unless the European Union formally tackles it, the industry and customers will suffer lasting damage.…

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What to expect from AMD's June datacenter, AI shindig

Thu, 2023-06-01 09:34
Could it be a cloudy Epyc, or a datacenter APU, maybe another cache-stacked X-chip?

Comment AMD is just weeks away from unveiling the next phase of its datacenter portfolio at a swish launch in San Francisco.…

Categories: Linux fréttir reboots ERP refresh with £934 million procurement

Thu, 2023-06-01 08:30
Second time lucky? But departments still lack funding to complete strategy, watchdog says

UK government has put £934 million ($1.15 million) on the table to update an ERP system in a cluster of Whitehall departments, a mega-project that was heavily criticized over lack of funding and business case.…

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WTF is solid state active cooling? We’ve just seen it working on a mini PC

Thu, 2023-06-01 07:39
Very handy technology, literally

Computex A US upstart has developed a solid-state active cooling device not much bigger than an SD card that uses a variety of exotic technologies to suck heat out of small enclosed spaces.…

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Amazon Ring, Alexa accused of every nightmare IoT security fail you can imagine

Thu, 2023-06-01 06:33
Staff able to watch customers in the bathroom? Tick! Obviously shabby infosec? Tick! Training AI as an excuse for data retention? Tick!

America's Federal Trade Commission has made Amazon a case study for every cautionary tale about how sloppily designed internet-of-things devices and associated services represent a risk to privacy – and made the cost of those actions, as alleged, a mere $30.8 million.…

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Ukraine war blurs lines between cyber-crims and state-sponsored attackers

Thu, 2023-06-01 05:40
This RomCom is no laughing matter

A change in the deployment of the RomCom malware strain has illustrated the blurring distinction between cyberattacks motivated by money and those fueled by geopolitics, in this case Russia's illegal invasion of Ukraine, according to Trend Micro analysts.…

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NASA experts looked through 800 UFO sightings and found essentially nothing

Thu, 2023-06-01 04:14
We need better data! If only everyone could carry a high-quality camera and apps to share pics...

Video Experts leading NASA's study on unidentified anomalous phenomena – what we now call UFOs – has studied 800 unclassified events recorded over 27 years, and found that only two to five percent of cases are truly unexplainable.…

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Foxconn is ecstatic you're all going gaga for AI servers

Thu, 2023-06-01 03:32
Keep that hype train rolling, please

Chip designers like Nvidia aren't the only companies riding high on the AI hype train. Foxconn chairman Young-Way Liu Wednesday forecast surging server sales over the next year as adoption of large language models and other powerful AI systems – needed to train and run that tech – grows.…

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