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Updated: 1 hour 58 min ago

Dark Pink cyber-spies add info stealers to their arsenal, notch up more victims

Thu, 2023-06-01 01:24
Not to be confused with K-Pop sensation BLACKPINK, gang pops military, govt and education orgs

Dark Pink, a suspected nation-state-sponsored cyber-espionage group, has expanded its list of targeted organizations, both geographically and by sector, and has carried out at least two attacks since the beginning of the year.…

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Get ready Snowflakes, Azure AI is coming for you with one click

Thu, 2023-06-01 01:03
Microsoft tool imports data from Snowflake into Redmond’s cloud

Microsoft is looking to make its Azure cloud is the place for enterprises to run their AI and machine learning workloads.…

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Feds, you'll need a warrant for that cellphone border search

Wed, 2023-05-31 23:52
Here's a story with a twist

A federal district judge has ruled that authorities must obtain a warrant to search an American citizen's cellphone at the border, barring exigent circumstances.…

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Eating disorder non-profit pulls chatbot for emitting 'harmful advice'

Wed, 2023-05-31 22:45
Just as helpline staff say they were laid off after forming a union

The National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) has taken down its Tessa chatbot for giving out bad advice to people.…

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Texas judge demands lawyers declare AI-generated docs

Wed, 2023-05-31 20:42
After that New York case in which attorney cited ChatGPT-hallucinated proceedings as real

After a New York attorney admitted last week to citing non-existent court cases that had been hallucinated by OpenAI's ChatGPT software, a Texas judge has directed attorneys in his court to certify either that they have not used artificial intelligence to prepare their legal documents – or that if they do, that the output has been verified by a human.…

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North Korean spy satellite launch ends in sea smash

Wed, 2023-05-31 19:48
Rather than herald exciting success of best-ever lift-off, state media confirms fiasco. Consider us surprised

North Korea's attempt to put a spy satellite into orbit has failed and, in a rare case of admitting not everything was sunshine and roses in the "Democratic" People's Republic, state news sources actually confirmed the launch was a disaster. …

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Get your cheap memory while growing stockpiles push prices low

Wed, 2023-05-31 18:51
Hot DRAM, market likely to 'bounce back with a vengeance' in '24, says Gartner

Semiconductor stockpiles appear to be growing due to the slowdown in demand, which is bad news for chipmakers but could be good news for anyone in the market for a memory or SSD upgrade.…

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Barracuda Email Security Gateways bitten by data thieves

Wed, 2023-05-31 18:15
Act now: Sea-themed backdoor malware injected via .tar-based hole

A critical remote command injection vulnerability in some Barracuda Network devices that the vendor patched 11 days ago has been exploited by miscreants – for at least the past seven months.…

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Criminals spent 10 days in US dental insurer's systems extracting data of 9 million

Wed, 2023-05-31 17:32
LockBit gang claimed 'trophy' of spilling low income families' details. Their parents must be proud

The criminals who hit one of the biggest government-backed dental care and insurance providers in the US earlier this year hung about for 10 days while they extracted info on nearly 9 million people, including kids from poverty-stricken homes.…

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Twitter now worth just a third of what Musk paid for it

Wed, 2023-05-31 16:36
Is he out of touch? No, must be the employees, users, advertisers, regulators, creditors...

Twitter's value continues to decline. Investment firm Fidelity reports that its stake in the bird site has lost value for the third time since Elon Musk took over last October. By Fidelity's account, the company is now worth just a third of the $44 billion Musk paid for it.…

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Exasol brings SaaS-flex to on-prem and public cloud systems

Wed, 2023-05-31 15:15
In-mem data warehouse unifies approach across environments, beefs up cost optimizer

In-memory data warehouse and analytic system Exasol is bringing the separation of storage and compute it introduced in its SaaS offering to hosted public cloud and on-prem installations.…

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Aggressive PC discounts might not be here for long, says HP

Wed, 2023-05-31 14:29
After challenging Q2, CEO reckons channel inventory starting to finally clear

HP is counting the cost of customer demand being zapped by inflation and continued pricing promotions to clear higher than normal inventory after revenues plunged by more than a fifth in its latest quarter.…

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XFS bug in Linux kernel 6.3.3 coincides with SGI code comeback

Wed, 2023-05-31 13:30
G.N.U. Silicon Graphics: a company is not dead while its name is still spoken

SGI may be no more but people are still using its code – and some more of that code may be about to enjoy a revival.…

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Brits and Yanks join forces to make fusion magnets cool again

Wed, 2023-05-31 12:44
How cool? About -250°C

UK nuclear fusion outfit Tokamak Energy is teaming up with General Atomics in the US to work on high temperature superconducting magnets for fusion reactors and other potential industry applications.…

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Absolute mad lad renders Doom in teletext

Wed, 2023-05-31 11:10
Sure is '90s in here

It is time once again to reset the "days since someone ran Doom on something quirky" calendar.…

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UK tech industry pushing up salaries for some roles – but UI devs out of luck

Wed, 2023-05-31 09:30
As much as 30% increase seen in some jobs as demand remains buoyant

Despite job losses among vendors and high profile companies, those with IT roles in UK companies saw their salaries increase by as much as 30 percent in the past year, a survey has found.…

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Individual data platforms for all health providers under controversial NHS plans

Wed, 2023-05-31 08:30
Procurement under threat of legal action imagines trusts will tailor systems for their own use cases

NHS England wants to provide every hospital trust with its own data platform, in a procurement US spy-tech company Palantir is hotly tipped to win.…

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Taiwan's titans bullish on challengers to x86 in the datacenter and beyond

Wed, 2023-05-31 07:33
Game on as Nvidia, Arm, Ampere find enthusiastic locals who think buyers are open to alternatives

Computex Taiwan's annual Computex exhibition grew up as the world's premier forum for everything to do with PCs, and later became a celebration of the island's outsized role in the ecosystem.…

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Airline puts international passengers on the scales pre-flight

Wed, 2023-05-31 06:29
An aircraft mass properties engineer and an eating disorder therapist weigh in on Air New Zealand's plan

Airline travellers are long familiar with having their luggage weighed before boarding a flight – but beginning this week until July 2, Air New Zealand will also be weighing passengers. To be specific, 10,000 international passengers on international flights.…

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Australia fines tech companies for exploiting foreign tech workers

Wed, 2023-05-31 05:01
Everything down under wants to either kill you, or underpay you

Border Force, Australia's law enforcement agency for immigration matters, has fined a pair of companies for exploiting techies who came to work under a temporary visa scheme aimed at addressing skills shortages.…

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