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Updated: 1 hour 35 min ago

5 months later, 37.7% of Windows 10 PCs are running the May 2020 Update... Wait, people are still on 1809?

2 hours 9 min ago
We'll see how long it lasts as 20H2 starts doing the rounds

While Microsoft celebrates Halloween with scary data deletion stories of Windows past, May's Windows 10 has swiped the popularity prize from its predecessor.…

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Brit accused of spying on 772 people via webcam CCTV software tells court he'd end his life if extradited to US

3 hours 4 min ago
'I've seen programmes on American prisons' says wife

A Briton is reportedly fighting extradition to the United States after deploying webcam malware onto hundreds of women's laptops so he could spy on them undressing and having sex.…

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UK regulator Ofcom to ban carriers from selling locked handsets to make dumping clingy networks even easier

3 hours 52 min ago
First you could break up by text – next year you can take the phone with you

UK telecoms watchdog Ofcom is introducing new rules that will stop phone companies selling carrier-locked handsets.…

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Advanced Money-making Devices: AMD inks multibillion stock deal for FPGA specialist Xilinx

5 hours 43 min ago
Intel rival up 50%+ in revs, profits - just one week after Chipzilla 30% profit plunge

Chipmaker AMD celebrated bonzer revenue and profit jumps for its third quarter ended Sept 26 [PDF] with a $35bn all-stock acquisition of adaptive computing outfit Xilinx.…

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Office 365 for the iPad will feel a little more desktop-ish now Microsoft has tossed it trackpad, mouse support

6 hours 15 min ago
Which is proof such fripperies are down to the developer, rather than Apple

Microsoft has finally introduced trackpad support for Office Microsoft 365 on the iPad.…

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Upcoming Linux 5.10 release will love you longterm, pushing support out to 2026

6 hours 59 min ago
PSA: Maintaining the open-source OS can turn your beard grey

Open Source Summit Europe It's official. The upcoming Linux 5.10 kernel is destined to become the next "longterm maintenance" release for the open-source operating system.…

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Want to build an AI app but don't know where to start with training? Take a Lobe off your mind with this low-code tool

7 hours 33 min ago
Microsoft program outputs ready-to-roll model from image input set

Microsoft has built a desktop app called Lobe that can be used to train object-recognition models without having to write a single line of code. Getting that model into an application, though, will require some programming.…

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SNAFU: Clairvoyant train brings warning of what was coming down the line for 2020

8 hours 54 sec ago
Situation: The New Normal?

Bork!Bork!Bork! A train with supernatural powers of prediction features in today's edition of signage behaving strangely. Who would could have known that the electronic information panel was warning passengers of what was to come?…

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Brit startup would like to beam 5G connectivity down at you from hydrogen-fuelled drones

8 hours 35 min ago
And Deutsche Telekom's happy with this airborne base station plan

A British startup is hoping to strap 5G antennas to liquid-hydrogen-powered high-altitude pseudo-satellites in the hope of replacing mobile base stations on the ground.…

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What will you do with your Raspberry Pi 4 this week? RISC it for a biscuit perhaps?

9 hours 43 min ago
v5.28 of open-source Arm OS brings support for latest mini 'puter as well as hundreds of fixes

An update for open-source Arm operating system RISC OS at the weekend features stable support for the Raspberry Pi 4 computer.…

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Can't afford an AI-accelerating Nvidia Jetson Nano? Open-source emulator lets you prototype Python apps for it

10 hours 37 min ago
Get a feel for the gizmo's programming environment

If you’ve been thinking about playing with an Nvidia single-board computer for an AI task, but you’re not quite ready to part with your cash for something like the Jetson Nano just yet, here’s an application-level emulator of the hardware you can tinker with.…

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Your IT department should behave like a jellyfish, says Gartner

11 hours 17 min ago
Analyst firm asserts coordinated action without central brain is the way to cope with turmoil

IT organisations that want to thrive in plague-time need to model themselves on jellyfish, says analyst firm Gartner.…

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Oculus owners told not only to get Facebook accounts, purchases will be wiped if they ever leave social network

12 hours 17 min ago
Hotel Zuckerfornia: You can check in but you can never check out... without losing everything

Oculus users, already fuming at Facebook chaining their VR headsets to their Facebook accounts, have been warned they could lose all their Oculus purchases and account information in future if they ever delete their profile on the social network.…

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Santander downplays 'hack' of PagoFX cash transfer biz, says nothing to worry about

12 hours 43 min ago
Plus: US govt sanctions Russia for refinery-bothering malware

In brief Spanish financial giant Santander has downplayed claims its international money transfer startup PagoFX was compromised.…

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WeChat wins right to stay in US app stores for at least a couple more months as court denies US government appeal

13 hours 26 min ago
Injunction against Trump ban upheld, case to return in January 2021

WeChat will remain in US app stores until at least January 2021 after the Ninth District Court of Appeals denied the US Government’s attempt to have its ban re-enforced.…

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Alibaba’s Ant Group aims to carry away $34 billion with imminent listing

14 hours 47 min ago
Alipay operator prices itself as most expensive IPO of all time

Alibaba has announced the initial public offering (IPO) of its financial services arm, Ant Group, and is aiming for the world’s biggest-ever float measured by cash raised.…

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Microsoft brings Azure to Taiwan, therefore steps into a geopolitical cauldron

16 hours 20 min ago
Taiwanese president says this is about ‘strengthening Taiwan-US cooperation’

Microsoft has announced that it will open an Azure region in Taiwan.…

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Facebook tells academics to stop monitoring its political ads for any rule-breaking.... on privacy grounds

17 hours 23 min ago
Irony overload as social media giant accuses NYU of bulk data collection

Facebook has ordered the end to an academic monitoring project that has repeatedly exposed failures by the internet giant to clearly label political advertising on its platform.…

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President Trump's H-1B visa crackdown wiped $100bn off market value of America's largest corps, top study finds

Mon, 2020-10-26 23:56
White House immigration restrictions knock less than half a per cent off

The Trump administration's June crackdown on foreign workers with H-1B and other visas wiped $100bn off the stock market value of the largest US companies, according to boffins at The Brookings Institution, Harvard Business School, and The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.…

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Microsoft drives users to the Edge: Internet Explorer to redirect to Chromium-based browser in November

Mon, 2020-10-26 22:31
'Hey, you folks heard that there's this virus starting to spread?' – IE, probably

Microsoft will forcibly push users off Internet Explorer and onto Edge next month, depending on the websites they visit.…

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