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Updated: 1 hour 53 min ago

Encoded 'alien message' will reach Earth today, but relax: It's just a drill

Wed, 2023-05-24 18:44
SETI encouraging everyone to break out their decoder rings, get in on the simulated first-contact fun

Happy first contact day – well, sort of.…

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US mulls retaliation for China blacklisting Micron without evidence of security threat

Wed, 2023-05-24 17:31
Sound like anyone you know?

The chip wars between Washington and Beijing show no sign of cooling off after a senior US politician insisted his country should retaliate for the blacklisting of Micron.…

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OpenAI calls for global agency focused on 'existential risk' posed by superintelligence

Wed, 2023-05-24 16:32
<movie voiceover>In a world united against one threat, one AI starts to fight bac...</movievoiceover>... Hey, who's writing this movie?

An international agency should be in charge of inspecting and auditing artificial general intelligence to ensure the technology is safe for humanity, according to top executives at GPT-4 maker OpenAI.…

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Atlassian says 'Don't #@!% the Planet' so it can keep making money

Wed, 2023-05-24 15:29
Which when you think about it, is a pretty good reason to build a sustainable business

Australian software house Atlassian has decided to share its sustainability practices in a booklet titled Don't #@!% the Planet*.…

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Virgin Orbit won't: Satellite launching company shutters

Wed, 2023-05-24 14:15
Rocket Lab, Stratolaunch, and Vast pick at the corpse

Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit has sold all its assets just months after a failed attempt at what would have been first ever satellite launch from UK soil.…

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Lenovo profits sink 75% as PC demand continues nosedive

Wed, 2023-05-24 13:32
Bottom line weight driven by job cut costs

Chinese powerhouse Lenovo is feeling the burn as demand for personal computers continues to melt in a post-pandemic world.…

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Lightning just as frightening on Jupiter as it is on Earth

Wed, 2023-05-24 12:21
Juno probe strikes at the similarities despite differences in planets' size and structure

Lightning is strikingly similar on Jupiter as it is on Earth, data from the Juno probe has revealed.…

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UK watchdog won't block Openreach’s discount fiber pricing

Wed, 2023-05-24 11:45
Nation's overwhelmingly dominant broadband plumber can run copper migration promo, despite rivals' pleas

UK telecoms regulator Ofcom has given the go-ahead to Openreach’s Equinox 2 discount pricing scheme, despite earlier criticism from smaller network operators that it allows the dominant player to undercut them.…

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Ex-McKinsey IT director claims he was fired for whistleblowing

Wed, 2023-05-24 10:25
Lawsuit alleges he was 'set up' after finding flaws in product meant for sale to Uncle Sam

A former IT director at McKinsey & Co filed a complaint yesterday claiming it wrongfully terminated him after he blew the whistle on alleged disaster recovery issues within the consultancy.…

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Your boss tells you to build some generative AI. Dell and Nvidia are already knocking

Wed, 2023-05-24 09:36
Who wouldn't want to feed their enterprise into Project Helix for training and inference? Anyone?

Dell World Dell has hooked up with Nvidia to pitch enterprises on tools to build generative AI models trained on their own corporate data, rather than publicly available information such as that used by general-purpose large-language models (LLMs) like OpenAI's GPT.…

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IT security analyst admits hijacking cyber attack to pocket ransom payments

Wed, 2023-05-24 08:30
Ashley Liles altered blackmail emails in bid to make off with £300,000 in Bitcoin

A former IT security analyst at Oxford Biomedica has admitted, five years after the fact, to turning to the dark side – by hijacking a cyber attack against his own company in an attempt to divert any ransom payments to himself.…

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ChatGPT can't pass these medical exams – yet

Wed, 2023-05-24 07:29
Maybe letting AI models loose on patients ain't a great idea, prof tells us

ChatGPT has failed to pass the American College of Gastroenterology exams and is not capable of generating accurate medical information for patients, doctors have warned.…

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Microsoft finally gets around to supporting rar, gz and tar files in Windows

Wed, 2023-05-24 06:30
no more downloading decompressors and dodging malware and payment demands, maybe

Microsoft has signaled it will add native support for tar, 7-zip, rar, gz and "many other" archive file formats to Windows.…

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Samsung's screens will check your blood pressure if the movie’s too scary

Wed, 2023-05-24 05:33
Also: phones that fold through 360 degrees, rollable tablets, and an expanded OLED detector

Video Korean giant Samsung has shown off what it reckons might just be the future of display tech.…

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Microsoft enables booting physical PCs directly into cloud PCs

Wed, 2023-05-24 04:26
Running an OS from local storage is soooo last year

Microsoft has delivered a preview of tech that lets a physical PC boot into a virtual one, running in Azure, instead of running Windows from its local drive.…

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US bans North Korean outsourcer and its feisty freelancers

Wed, 2023-05-24 02:58
They do your work – usually from Russia and China – then send their wages home to pay for missiles

When businesses go shopping for IT services, North Korea-controlled companies probably struggle to make it into many lists.…

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Pakistan turns its back on crypto to keep anti-terrorism watchdogs happy

Wed, 2023-05-24 01:27
Meanwhile, will train a million IT graduates in Artificial Intelligence

Pakistan's minister of finance declared last week that cryptocurrency would never be legal in Pakistan and actions are in motion that would ban the digi-cash. Forever.…

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Apria Healthcare says potentially 2M people caught up in IT security breach

Tue, 2023-05-23 23:58
Took two years to tell us 'small number of emails' accessed

Personal and financial data describing almost 1.9 million Apria Healthcare patients and employees may have been accessed by crooks who breached the company's networks over a series of months in 2019 and 2021.…

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Microsoft wants you to think inside the Dev Box from July

Tue, 2023-05-23 22:54
If you like the idea of building software on Windows in the cloud, this may be for you

Microsoft, having tested its cloud-based software development environment on more than 9,000 of its own engineers, plans to invite external coders to think inside its Dev Box on July 10, 2023.…

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SF cops got warrant-free OK to watch protest via private security cameras

Tue, 2023-05-23 22:23
Officers said they didn't use live feed in the end. So that's all right then?

San Francisco cops earlier this year obtained permission to access 450 surveillance cameras belonging to private businesses to live monitor protests expected following the killing of Tyre Nichols, it emerged today.…

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