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Updated: 1 hour 57 min ago

Broadcom says Nvidia Spectrum-X's 'lossless Ethernet' isn't new

Wed, 2023-05-31 00:57
Been there, done that, SVP Ram Velaga tells El Reg

At Computex, Nvidia promised "lossless Ethernet" for generative AI workloads with the launch of its Spectrum-X platform – but if you ask Broadcom, it's not even a new idea.…

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1. This crypto-coin is called Jimbo. 2. $8m was stolen from its devs in flash loan attack

Tue, 2023-05-30 23:56
3. It's asked for 90% of the digital dosh back, or else it'll beg the cops for help

Just days after releasing the second – and supposedly more stable and secure – version of its decentralized finance (DeFi) app, Jimbos Protocol over the weekend was hit by attackers who stole stole 4,090 ETH tokens from the project worth about $7.5 million.…

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90+ orgs tell Slack to stop slacking when it comes to full encryption

Tue, 2023-05-30 22:53
Protests planned for Wednesday in San Francisco and Denver

A coalition of 90-plus groups, including Fight for the Future and Mozilla, will descend upon Slack's offices in San Francisco and Denver on Wednesday to ask on the collaboration app to protect users' conversations via end-to-end encryption (E2EE).…

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AI, extinction, nuclear war, pandemics ... That's expert open letter bingo

Tue, 2023-05-30 20:14
'We need to prepare now'

There's another doomsaying open letter about AI making the rounds. This time a wide swath of tech leaders, ML luminaries, and even a few celebrities have signed on to urge the world to take the alleged extinction-level threats posed by artificial intelligence more seriously. …

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Pegasus-pusher NSO gets new owner keen on the commercial spyware biz

Tue, 2023-05-30 19:15
Investors roll the dice against government sanctions and lawsuits

Spyware maker NSO Group has a new ringleader, as the notorious biz seeks to revamp its image amid new reports that the company's Pegasus malware is targeting yet more human rights advocates and journalists.…

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Windows driver woes trip AMD GPU owners, blind Arm-powered cameras

Tue, 2023-05-30 17:27
Rollbacks and workarounds abound

Microsoft is dealing with a couple of unrelated processor driver problems that are causing headaches for some Windows users.…

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Nvidia to power more supercomputers as AI frenzy kicks in

Tue, 2023-05-30 16:09
New beasts to take up residence in Israeli and Taiwanese DCs

Computex Not content with unveiling its DGX GH200 AI supercomputer at Computex, Nvidia said it is involved in several other supercomputers targeting AI processing, including one in Israel and two based in Taiwan.…

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CERN spots Higgs boson decay breaking the rules

Tue, 2023-05-30 14:45
So much for the Standard Model of particle physics

Evidence discovered at CERN of a rare form of Higgs boson decay may be just what scientists need to prove the existence of particles beyond those predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics – indirectly, at least.…

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Uncle Sam vows to Micron-manage China's memory chip ban

Tue, 2023-05-30 13:32
Commerce Secretary says US 'won't tolerate' Beijing's 'economic coercion'

US Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said that the Biden administration "won't tolerate" an effective ban on sales of Micron memory chips in China, despite efforts last week to calm the escalating tensions between the two nations.…

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EU tells Twitter 'you can run but you can't hide' from disinformation policy

Tue, 2023-05-30 12:42
Company pulled out of the voluntary Code of Practice last week

European Commissioner Thierry Breton told the world this weekend that Twitter had pulled out of the EU's voluntary Code of Practice against disinformation, but warned it has "obligations" anyway. "You can run but you can't hide."…

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CISPE rejects Microsoft's offer to settle EU cloud licensing complaint

Tue, 2023-05-30 11:03
Offer described by trade group as 'pretty paltry' – it wants more before negotiations begin

Exclusive Microsoft has so far unsuccessfully tried to settle a complaint about alleged unfair software licensing policies in the cloud filed last year with the European Commission's antitrust team by a collection of local cloud providers.…

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The FBI as advanced persistent threat – and what to do about it

Tue, 2023-05-30 09:58
Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you

Opinion The best device to reduce road deaths, suggested economist Gordon Tulloch, would be a large steel spike in the center of every car's steering wheel. Focuses the mind.…

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Rackspace datacenter infrastructure down in London, Sydney, Hong Kong

Tue, 2023-05-30 09:01
Hours in and cause unknown, customers warned of possible backup fail

Rackspace is in a mess again.…

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BMW adds games to the 5 series but still ain't the Ultimate Gaming Machine

Tue, 2023-05-30 07:33
Forget Grand Theft Auto. This is far tamer fare – controlled by a smartphone

BMW has announced a new in-car gaming feature available on its 5 series automobiles that allows users to use smartphones as a controller for software running on in-car screens.…

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Qualcomm imagines constellation of Snapdragons sharing AI workloads

Tue, 2023-05-30 06:33
PCs to chat with phones, watches, goggles – even the cloud when necessary

Computex Qualcomm has used its Computex keynote to pitch the ubiquity of its Snapdragon platform as its challenge to x86 CPUs as the engine of PCs – by enabling more efficient AI through offloading workloads to a constellation of devices.…

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The future of digital healthcare could be a two-meter USB cable

Tue, 2023-05-30 05:29
Try showing a remote clinician your injured foot without one

Comment I've probably walked through my front door and past my hall table 10,000 times. But one April evening my foot caught the table, a toe blazed in pain, and a subsequent x-ray confirmed a proximal phalanx fracture.…

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Singapore's sovereign wealth fund regrets investment in crypto-villain FTX

Tue, 2023-05-30 02:58
No fault found, but execs responsible punished with reduced compensation

Singapore's sovereign wealth fund, Temasek, has taken the unusual step of announcing its disappointment with a particular investment, and punishing those responsible for it.…

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Mars Helicopter went silent for six Sols, imperilled Perseverance rover, too

Tue, 2023-05-30 00:29
Ingenuity’s still setting records, but waking it up and chatting are getting harder

NASA has detailed a six-day stretch during which it could not contact its Ingenuity Mars helicopter.…

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Microsoft up in Arms over data-loss protection in Windows 11

Mon, 2023-05-29 18:25
We almost forgot Redmond had an interest in anything but x86

Microsoft is bringing its Windows data-protection security tools to the Arm architecture.…

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Intel says AI is overwhelming CPUs, GPUs, even clouds, so all Meteor Lakes get a VPU

Mon, 2023-05-29 13:29
Movidius tech already sprinkled on some 13th-gen Core silicon goes mainstream in next-gen client silicon

Computex Intel will use the “VPU” tech it acquired along with Movidius in 2016 to all models of its forthcoming Meteor Lake client CPUs.…

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