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Updated: 1 hour 52 min ago

AMD scours parts bin for old CPUs, GPUs to put in Chromebooks

Tue, 2023-05-23 20:58
Do you really need the latest and greatest cores to doomscroll the web?

To meet Chromebook users' most discerning needs, AMD has Frankensteined together a line of chips built from cast-off CPU and GPU architectures.…

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Social media may harm kids. US Surgeon General says so

Tue, 2023-05-23 20:20
That's a warning and not permission, in case you were wondering

The US Surgeon General on Tuesday issued an advisory warning that social media, despite potential benefits, presents a risk to the mental health of children and adolescents.…

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Born in the USA! Broadcom will produce American-made RF modules for Apple

Tue, 2023-05-23 19:45
So what happened to Apple building its own modems?

Apple has tapped Broadcom to build 5G radio frequency equipment in the US under a "multi-billion" dollar deal announced on Tuesday.…

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Meta forced to sell Giphy, takes 87% loss in Shutterstock deal

Tue, 2023-05-23 18:45
Zuck and Co face Brexit bonus

Meta's Giphy days have come to an end, with the stock photo platform Shutterstock today announcing plans to buy the GIF library for a mere fraction of what the company formerly known as Facebook paid for it. …

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SambaNova injects a little AI mojo into US supercomputer lab's nuke sims

Tue, 2023-05-23 17:45
LLNL harnesses DataScale platform with aim to improve predictive models

AI systems developer SambaNova Systems has announced that Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) is integrating its platform into the lab's supercomputing facilities to boost its cognitive simulation capabilities. The move follows other top-tier research laboratories that have deployed SambaNova technology.…

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Dish confirms 300,000 people's data was exposed in February's attack

Tue, 2023-05-23 16:43
But don't worry – we know it was deleted. Hmm. How would you know that?

Dish Network has admitted that a February cybersecurity incident and associated multi-day outage led to the extraction of data on nearly 300,000 people, while also appearing to indirectly admit it may have paid cybercriminals to delete said data.…

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Nearly 1 in 5 academics admit close encounters of the anomalous kind

Tue, 2023-05-23 15:45
Boffins call for end to UFO stigma

A survey of academics has found that nearly one in five reported an experience with unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAPs, previously known as UFOs and unidentified aerial phenomena), which researchers say signals the need to ditch the stigma surrounding sightings and broaden inquiries.…

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TikTok to let Oracle view source code, algorithm, and content moderation

Tue, 2023-05-23 14:36
It's all in the name of national security as Trump-era collab continues in Project Texas

TikTok, the social video platform used by around 150 million people in the US, is set to hand access to its source code, algorithm and content moderation material to Oracle in a bid to allay data protection and national security concerns stateside.…

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Lenovo Thinkpad Z13 just has this certain Macbook Air about it...

Tue, 2023-05-23 13:32
World's largest laptop vendor releases whizzy x86 - but we could do with a better Windows rescue party

The Thinkpad Z13 is quite different from any other Lenovo machine that we have seen recently. It's a similar thin, ultra-light design to the Arm-based X13S, but this is not an unusual RISC computer: this is in some ways a relatively conventional X86 laptop.…

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Billionaire BT stalker Patrick Drahi increases stake to 24.5%

Tue, 2023-05-23 12:50
Just a shade under the 25% threshold that would spark investigation, but he still doesn't want to take over, honest

French telecoms billionaire Patrick Drahi has upped his ownership of the UK's BT Group to nearly a quarter yet he still insists he does not intend to make an offer for the entire company.…

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Keir Starmer's techno-fix for the NHS: Déjà vu disaster or brave new blunder?

Tue, 2023-05-23 11:19
Beware over promising benefits and underestimating complexity

Opinion Around 20 years after the largest public sector technology disaster in UK history began a £12 billion contracting escapade, they're at it again.…

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SAP's cloud drive hits speed bumps with American users

Tue, 2023-05-23 09:30
ERP giant losing points on execution and flexibility

SAP's drive to move customers to cloud-hosted and SaaS systems is not being matched by its flexibility and operational sophistication, the user group representing the Americas has told The Register.…

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UK told it must double low carbon investment to meet net zero targets

Tue, 2023-05-23 08:32
Complexity also a problem across 115 funding streams, watchdog says

Great Britain needs to at least double its low carbon investment if it is to reach the ambition of achieving net zero by 2050.…

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Google Cloud upgrades with next-gen accelerator that embiggens its VMs

Tue, 2023-05-23 07:15
Homebrew Infrastructure Processing Unit virtualizes networks and storage to make Sapphire Rapids Xeons sing

Google Cloud has given itself a significant upgrade by introducing its latest Infrastructure Processing Unit – the same kind of kit that others call SmartNICs or Data Processing Units – in its first instance type powered by Intel's fourth-gen Sapphire Rapids Xeon processors.…

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Ads for lucrative jobs in Asia fail to mention chance of slavery as crypto-scammer

Tue, 2023-05-23 05:58
FBI warns jobseekers to be very skeptical of working holidays in Cambodia

The FBI has issued a warning about fake job ads that recruit workers into forced labor operations in Southeast Asia – some of which enslave visitors and force them to participate in cryptocurrency scams.…

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IBM asks UChicago, UTokyo for help building a 100K qubit quantum supercomputer

Tue, 2023-05-23 05:02
For $100 million it better beat an Nvidia A100

IBM plans spend $100 million to build a 100,000 qubit "quantum-centric supercomputer" allegedly capable of solving the world's most intractable problems by 2023 and it's tapped the Universities of Tokyo and Chicago for help.…

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Dell pulls storage, PCs, and compute into Apex ITaaS platform – a little late

Tue, 2023-05-23 04:03
Continues feeding the hybrid cloud monster

Dell World It took a little over a year, but Dell has followed through (to an extent) on promises it made in 2022 with the introduction of Project Alpine – an effort to make its block, file, and object storage software available in top hyperscale cloud environments.…

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China hasn't told Micron why it failed security review, or what its ban means

Tue, 2023-05-23 02:58
US memory-maker forecasts single-digit revenue impact, and ongoing gloom in PC and smartmobe markets

US memory-maker Micron has no idea why Chinese authorities have decided its products represent a security risk, or which customers it's not allowed to sell to.…

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WeChat makes facial recog payment systems talk to the hand

Tue, 2023-05-23 02:02
Wave-to-pay tech seems ideal for Jedi cosplay - if palmprints and veins are the biometrics you're looking for

Chinese microblogging site WeChat has launched the ability to make payments by swiping the palm of a hand over facial recognition devices.…

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China becomes the 37th country to approve Microsoft's Activision buyout

Tue, 2023-05-23 00:45
Boss fights with US and UK authorities lie ahead, and Redmond may not have enough power-ups to prevail

Another economic powerhouse has assented to Microsoft's $68.7 billion absorption of video gaming powerhouse Activision Blizzard, with China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR) giving the covenant its okay late last week.…

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