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RHEL, RHEL, RHEL, fancy that: Rocky Linux would-be CentOS replacement hits RC1 milestone

Tue, 2021-05-04 13:44
For testing only - but new distro compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux getting close to release

The Rocky Linux project, kicked off by original CentOS founder Gregory Kurtzer, has released RC1 of its distribution, which aims to be 100 per cent compatible with Red Hat Enterprise Linux.…

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File this next to Mars bars under 'things that should not be deep-fried': Marks & Spencer's Colin the Caterpillar

Tue, 2021-05-04 12:42
How was this allowed to happen? Ah right, food delivery app publicity stunt

Scotland is brimming with valuable cultural exports. Among them, whacking wee baws doon a field, offal stuffed in offal, men's skirts, and deep-frying things that have no business being deep-fried.…

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Audacity 'scared and excited' to be bought and brought under Muse Group's roof, but promises to stay free and open source

Tue, 2021-05-04 11:37
Which is good because that's why the audio editing software is so popular

Veteran audio editor Audacity has been purchased by Muse Group, although its new management has pledged to keep the platform free and open source.…

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WTH are NFTs? Here is the token, there is the Beeple....

Tue, 2021-05-04 10:02
76.23kWh per-transaction footprint... WTF, people?

In the art world this spring, there's just one phrase on everyone's facemasks: the non-fungible token (NFT). When artist Mike Winkelman sold a JPG embedded into a cryptocurrency token for $69m in Ether (he pocketed $53m of it) jaws hit floors. But what is an NFT, exactly, and should you care, or just roll your eyes and go about your business?…

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House of pain: If YAML makes you swear, shout louder – the agony is there for a reason

Tue, 2021-05-04 09:15
Non-quoted string vest? Don't mind if we do

Column Enterprise IT is about solving problems, but for those who work in the field there's an index of irony in that statement. The further you go towards sales and marketing, the more problems are solved; the further towards the engine room of making this stuff work, the more problems appear.…

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Stuck in R/3verse: East Sussex County Council struggles to move forward with £25m SAP replacement

Tue, 2021-05-04 08:30
Hardware supporting ageing system is mired in performance issues

East Sussex County Council is set to be at least six months late in appointing a vendor to replace its ageing R/3 SAP system, which is showing its age and struggling with performance issues.…

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How are you supposed to secure your workers when they could be anywhere?

Tue, 2021-05-04 07:30
Find out at the Anywhere Workspace Event

Promo The last year has blown apart any pretence of having a perimeter behind which you can corral your users, keeping them both focused on the job and secure.…

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Vietnam thanks Samsung for all its help, asks for more to go beyond mere manufacturing

Tue, 2021-05-04 06:57
Samsung in turn asks for access to clean 'leccy at high-level love-in

A high-level meeting between the Vietnamese government and Samsung has seen each party make a mutually beneficial request of the other, highlighting the success of the relationship - and the fact that both see room for improvement.…

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Vodafone building world-girdling hybrid analytics apps capable of slurping 50 terabytes a day

Tue, 2021-05-04 05:58
Promises personalised services, software-driven networks, all the fun of an SAP migration to Google cloud

Vodafone has signed up for another six years of fun with Google and its cloud.…

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In China, the Smart TV watches you, shares IP address, Wi-Fi SSIDs, viewing habits, and more

Tue, 2021-05-04 04:55
Tellie-maker Skyworth says it was duped by analytics service

Chinese TV-maker Skyworth has admitted that some of its Android-powered smart televisions shared more data than it agreed to send to a third-party organisation.…

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Philippines national ID registration portal opens, glitches out in first hour

Tue, 2021-05-04 03:32
2FA hasn’t kept pace with registration and real-world biometric capture

The Philippines’ attempt to expand its national ID program has stumbled thanks to scaling issues with its two-factor authentication tools.…

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Not so fast, SpaceX: $3bn NASA Moon landing contract blocked by rivals' gripes

Tue, 2021-05-04 02:38
Blue Origin, Dynetics cry foul

NASA’s $2.89bn contract awarded to SpaceX for its Starship rocket to send the first American woman and next man to the Moon has been put on ice after SpaceX’s competitors complained to the US Government Accountability Office.…

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Apple patches iOS, macOS, iPadOS, watchOS, kitchen-sinkOS bugs said to be exploited in the wild

Tue, 2021-05-04 01:35
Plus: Micro-op CPU caches abused to leak data, and more

In Brief Apple on Monday patched security flaws in its software said to have been exploited in the wild by miscreants to hijack gear.…

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Googler demolishes one of Apple's monopoly defenses – that web apps are just as good as native iOS software

Tue, 2021-05-04 00:02
Safari savaged for failing behind in web APIs

Epic Games and Apple faced off in an Oakland, California, courtroom on Monday to resolve the gaming giant's antitrust claim that Apple's App Store represents an illegal monopoly.…

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Philanthropist and ex-Microsoft manager Melinda Gates and her husband Bill split after 27 years of marriage

Mon, 2021-05-03 22:05
We know the pandemic has been tough on relationships but...

Bill Gates has announced his marriage has suffered a BSoD – the Blue Screen of Divorce – after 27 years with his partner Melinda.…

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Yahoo<i>!</i> and<i>!</i> AOL<i>!</i> sold<i>!</i> for<i>!</i> $5bn<i>!</i> as<i>!</i> Verizon<i>!</i> abandons<i>!</i> media<i>!</i> empire<i>!</i> dreams<i>!</i>

Mon, 2021-05-03 20:57
They! may! take! the! exclamation! point! but! they! will! never! take! our! headlines!

Verizon has sold its media division, including the early internet portals Yahoo! and AOL, to Apollo Global Management, a private equity fund, for $5bn, it announced on Monday.…

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Ex Netflix IT ops boss pocketed $500k+ in bribes before awarding millions in tech contracts

Mon, 2021-05-03 19:16
Pay-to-play bungs required to do business with video-streaming giant

Michael Kail, former veep of IT Operations at Netflix, was convicted on Friday on 28 counts of wire fraud, mail fraud, and money laundering after a federal jury found that he took advantage of his position to demand bribes from vendors.…

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It’s the year of the Virtual Desktop again … but this time really is different

Mon, 2021-05-03 17:00
Join us and Nutanix online this week and find out why

Webcast A year of pandemic has forced momentous changes on how we work and the technology we use to support this.…

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Ingenuity Mars Helicopter cleared for further, farther, flying after landing on 117-second fourth flight

Mon, 2021-05-03 11:16
Vehicle to enter 'operations demonstration phase'. Meanwhile SpaceX’s first crew return mission also sticks the landing

NASA is so pleased with the Ingenuity Mars Helicopter's performance that it will devise a new “operations demonstration phase” in which the craft will be tasked with “exploring how aerial scouting and other functions could benefit future exploration of Mars and other worlds.”…

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Terminal trickery, or how to improve a novel immeasurably

Mon, 2021-05-03 07:30
When contractors go bored: Stuffing the timesheet with shenanigans

Who, Me? Start your week the right way, with a Who, Me? reader confession and an improvement made to some bodice-ripping fiction.…

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